Ohayo Gozaimasu!


Oh man! I LOVE karaoke! Maybe I’m a super geek or something, but I find it so much fun to sing songs (or scream depending on the song :p). I don’t even need to be at karaoke to start belting out a song I like, which is a good thing since karaoke is neither popular nor common in the United States. Though, perhaps it’s not popular because it’s so hard to find places to go. In fact, I’ve only ever been to one karaoke place in the United States and that place looks pathetic compared to the karaoke joints in Japan.

I’ve only gone karaoking once so far, but it was all I needed to be hooked! It was beyond fun! I went with two Japanese friends from my guesthouse and we paid 1600yen each for one hour (which is kind of pricey), but it came with free drinks for the whole hour. Those could be soft drinks (like pop) or coffee or alcoholic drinks (which were quite yummy). And given the low alcohol content in the drinks and the yummy chocolatey and fruity flavors, I tried quite a few drinks. Yet, I was put to shame in my drinking speed by my Japanese friends. Haha!

IMG_0533Still, the highlight was obviously the karaoke! They had some American songs (which is good since I don’t know ANY Japanese songs and the few Korean songs I do know, I am probably completely botching the lyrics of. :p) Unfortunately, most of the American music was popular or recent pop music. Bleh! No thank you Arianna Grande or Justin Bieber. So, it was a bit trickier to find some ‘In This Moment’ or ‘Nickelback’, but I managed. And when all else fails, there’s always Disney! Haha! I mean, who doesn’t love belting out a good Disney song?

Well, my Japanese friends had quite a laugh of my singing and while I may not understand or know the songs they sang, it was fun all the same. It was quite a shame when our little tablet tarted beeping to let us know our time was up. I never knew an hour could fly by so fast! And while I wanted to stay longer, it was already 11pm (which is late for this old lady. Haha!) and none of us really wanted to cough up the money for another hour.

Of course, that just means I need to find a time to go karaoking again before I leave Japan. Or I’ll go in Korea! And then the Koreans can laugh at my attempts to sing K-pop. You know… in my made-up Korean words that I think they’re singing. :p Sounds like fun. Right? Good thing I lost my ability to be embarrassed quite some time ago! Makes life so much easier and a lot more fun!

Soredewa mata!


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