Configuring Updates… 50% complete

Hi y’all! As many of you know I was abroad in Japan and S. Korea from March 23rd, 2016 and was planning to stay until June 30th. Well… life just doesn’t work out the way we plan. :p In other words, I worked on my impulse traveling skills while I was away. I ended up changing my flight and jumping to S. Korea early where I only ended up staying for two weeks.

cherry blossom festival
I’m the only non-Japanese in the picture, if you can’t tell. :p

Now, before you go thinking ‘aw! I’m sorry your travel was cut short!’ Don’t. -.- I mean it. Don’t. I had an AMAZING time abroad, but traveling is exhausting, money-nomming, and quite lonely if you go by yourself. For more on traveling alone, check out my post Traveling Alone. Of course, one of the biggest reasons I came home on June 6th was graduate school.

In case you missed the update, I was accepted to graduate school back in March! Woo! (I’m still not sure this is me we’re talking about. I mean, I didn’t actually go to Japan and S. Korea, right? I’m not really going to obtain a PhD… right? o.O) Well, apparently I am (or am going to try :p). Of course, before I can even return to university and start my graduate career I had a few ‘adult’ things to take care of. -.- I know, boring. Well, one of those adult things tried to shoot me in the face with its stress-inducing time restraint: apartment hunting.

It turns out that most students booked their apartments back in… APRIL! What?! I didn’t- But you can’t- Psh! Whatever! I can do this. I’ll find an awesome place. *unpacks suitcase from Asia trip* *does laundry* *buys plane ticket* *repacks suitcase* *leaves home… again* That’s right. Just ten days after getting home, I left again to fly down to Georgia to find an apartment for school. And boy was THAT difficult. Pretty much everywhere was sold out or they wouldn’t have availabilities until after my start date. Cue ‘headdesk’.

Well, lucky little ol’ me managed to find the last apartment at a complex that had everything I was looking for and was in my price range. PHEW! *draws hand across forehead* *literally, because it is HOT in Georgia* 0.0 I can’t tell you how nerve-racking it was not only to find something that matched my desired new-home, but just signing the lease all by my lonesome. That’s not to say I’ve never lived alone before, but the last time I went looking for an apartment, my older brother went with me. He asked all the questions, looked at all the important parts in the building, etc, etc. (Having an older sibling with experience in the game of Life is a godsend, I’ll tell you that!) :p

‘Course now that means I’m movin’ down South. I’m tradin’ my icy winter for scalding summer, my ice-skating for… something(dunno yet what), and my free time for research time. To say I’m excited and terrified at the same time would be an understatement. Yet, the reason I want to tell y’all all of this is because the way I type might start to change. Why? Well, I have the uncanny ability to pick up accents wherever I travel to. I mean, I came down to Georgia for an interview with the university and within 24 hours, my brother and sister-in-law could already hear how my accent had changed. Deary me!

So, I’m apologizin’ in advance if I start to sound a lil different in my posts, but I’ll try to keep ’em under wraps and stuck in that Midwestern accent I love so much. Or maybe y’all like readin’ posts written with a bit of Southern twang and slang and if that’s the case, let me know! I dun mind writin’ a lil different. It’s good practice for novels. :p

Oh! Another reason I’m writing this post is to ask you lovely readers a question about my blog content because with this life change I might have a few new things to talk about and entertain you with. So, please vote in the poll below to let me know what you think about new themes for weekly/bi-weekly/monthly posts on my blog. Or, better yet, leave me a comment! I love hearing from you guys and would love to engage with you more!

9 thoughts on “Configuring Updates… 50% complete”

  1. Im super proud of you doing all these things by yourself sissy! Im sure you have a bright time laying ahead and I cant wait visiting you in the south 🙂 Love you!

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  2. ❤ I'm glad you had so much fun in Japan and South Korea, Melanie! I've always wanted to visit East-Asian countries, but I've never really thought hard about it because I wouldn't want to go alone, ha. Congratulations on getting into grad school (I had no idea!) What are you going to be studying?

    And also congratulations on finding an apartment! Hope it's close enough to school that you won't have to wake up in the ungodly hours of morning to get to school on time. 😛

    As for your question about content, literally post whatever you want to post. This blog is for YOU first, and your followers second. ❤

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    1. Aw! Thank you so much, Aimal! I had a ton of fun and you should definitely go if you get the chance. Traveling alone is actually really great, but I recommend only doing it for a short amount of time if you’re a social person. I actually met a lot of people who were traveling alone while I was abroad. It’s quite common, especially with how safe Japan and S. Korea are.

      Ah! I will be working on a PhD in Genetics while in grad school. Hopefully it doesn’t murderize me. :p

      Thank you again! It’s far enough away to offer a buffer from the undergrads, but close enough to not require an excessive drive. I really like what I found. ^.^ I might do another update on the apartment once I get closer to moving in and starting school.

      Oh! I know it’s for me. :p But I like to know if people would even LIKE updates on my life and grad school. Spamming people with mundane details would just be annoying for them. :p Hee hee!

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      1. I’m not too social, ahaha. At least not in real life – I’m fine on the Internet. 😛 But I feel like if I traveled alone, I’d be too chicken to do anything because I’ll be too afraid of getting lost or making a fool out of myself. Especially in places where the first language is not one I know. XD
        OH WOW, how fun. I’ve always enjoyed the study of genetics. It was my favorite part in high school biology (I know, high school genetics is probably as easy as 1+1 to you). 😛
        Oh, yes, please do like a mini apartment tour or something. I’m such a sucker for home videos/pictures, I’d really love to see it. ❤

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        1. Oh! Don’t worry, Aimal. The Japanese are really nice about it and of course, knowing even a little bit is always helpful. I think people appreciate when you attempt their language. And if you do something silly, you’ll never see those people ever again. So, who cares? :p

          Haha! Actually, high school biology was what got me interested in genetics in the first place. :p It really is pretty simple back then… and they teach it wrong. Haha! But I’m really looking forward to actually becoming informed. Right now I don’t feel like I know that much. :/

          Okay! I’m attempting to get a camera set up so I can start doing vlogs (maybe, if it’s not too much work). So, I’ll make sure to do a tour when I get all moved in. :p (which’ll probably be a garbage video. HAha! Me and my inability to edit became very evident today.)


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