Japanese Food: Animal Crackers


Animal CrackersIMG_1635

Haha! Go ahead! Laugh! This is a silly post, but I just really wanted to do a food post about it because I find animal crackers(or cookies if you like) in Japan to be hilarious! Especially compared to American animal crackers. And I would know what American animal crackers are like because I’ve been eating them since I was like… 3. :p

It was my treat for being ‘good’ whenever I went to the grocery store with my mom as a child. I’d get a cute little box of animal crackers (which I ended up eating while walking around the grocery store.) Wait… perhaps my mom got them for me to placate me into being a good grocery shopping partner rather than as a reward. :p Oh well! I love them either way. So naturally I had to try animal crackers when I saw them here in Japan. But boy was I shocked!

First off, animal crackers in Japan are really small! I’m used to American animal crackers where each one is half the size of your palm, but I could have fit probably a half dozen in my palm and still had room. Though, this tiny size is probably the reason why these animal crackers don’t even look like animals! They look like little blobs with possible deformities. I mean, the hippo looks like it might have an extra half leg. While the rabbit lost it’s head. The lion had no tail. And let’s not even get started on that panda. -.-

Of course, this is probably why they do the funniest thing of all: write words on the animal crackers. Really? You need words on your animal crackers to tell you what animal they are? That’s kind of sad. :/ But wait… why are the words in English? These are Japanese animal crackers… in Japan… with English animal names. Are these really some type of teaching material for children? Man, I’m so confused.

It was my confusion and amusement that compelled me to share this little adventure with you all. Oh! And I was eating them on the train. So, the only place I had to set them all out was my ‘Storm of Swords’ book. :p So, now you know what I was reading at the time, too! Haha! (P.s. It took me forever. Why do I read so slow? Oh! Probably because I’m too busy reading my animal crackers. :p)


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