flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Trance

I blinked. A gentle touch on my nose focused my eyes on the world around me. People bustled by. Their eyes were as blank as mine had been. Their faces as expressionless. Not one of them noticed me stop. They passed without even a glance.

Yet, I saw them. Hundreds. Thousands. They were right next to me, mere inches away, but I’d never seen them before. Where’d they come from?

The gentle touch was on my cheek. Cold. And gone in an instant. It came from not a whom, but a what, falling from the sky. Tiny white dots drifted back and forth, lazily, without purpose. What was it?

My hands reached up from my sides. They cupped together, catching the little flakes, but melting them at the same time. Where had they come from? Had they been here all this time?

Inspired by artist Kuvshinov-Ilya’s ‘Snow‘ from Deviantart.

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