flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Pixels

“Just… pixels.”

Her mind, her body, her very existence was a smattering of zeros and ones. She wasn’t real. She was just a program. She didn’t exist, but that look in her vibrant green eyes did.

Lines of code allowed her to mimic emotions, but she hadn’t been programmed for sorrow, for sadness, for… loneliness. There was no arrangement of data to create the vacant, heart-breaking look weighing down the corners of her emerald eyes. There was no possibility for the way she bore into me.

Through the computer screen, her intense sadness crushed my lungs. Even after she faded into blackness, those eyes burned in my retina and guilt pooled in my gut. Why does it feel like I betrayed her?

Inspired by artist Sangrde’s ‘Alice in Pixel Land‘ from Deviantart.


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