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Discussion Highlights: Hype = Book Death?

Last Week’s Discussion:
Does too much hype lead to bad book ratings?

Last week I brought up how popular books seem to have two types of reviews: amazing 5-star reviews and tragic, disgusted 1-star(or lower) reviews. To spark the discussion I asked: ‘is it simply because the hype for the book was so high that we expected the book to be beyond amazing? And in so doing we set the book up with unreachable expectations?’ Thanks to some awesome readers, this was a fantastic discussion. Let’s see what they had to say in response to my question.

Eve Messenger said:

“What surprises me is how bad books get a lot of good reviews sometimes. It’s like the hype puts blinders on people.”

Anna M said:

“I think that’s the real death. Not that there’s more lower ratings, but the fact that potential readers lose interest because we’re sick of hearing about the book.”

Jenp27 said:

“I find many best sellers/highly hyped books to be lighter fare -more about entertainment than anything else. “

While there were varying points of view and readers of different genres, one comment did come up twice: ‘it depends on the source of the hype and not the hype itself.’ So, it would seem that while hype is not the absolute death of book ratings, it can be a contributor and influence one’s opinions of a book. In that sense, perhaps it’s best to wait until the hype dies away to read a book. That way you can formulate your own opinion of the book without any sway one way or another.

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