flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Demon

“Demon!” they cried.
“Temptress!” they accused.
“Murderess!” they claimed.

“Saw off her horns,” one offered.

“Horns or no, a demon she’ll remain,” countered another.

“Off with her head!” they demanded.
“Burn her!” they suggested.

“No flames will touch her, spawn of the inner circles of Hell!” they explained.

“Exorcise the evil from within her!” one begged.

“There’s no light left. The darkness is not just a part of her. It is her,” he growled.

I stood watching, waiting, wondering what caused these humans to jump to such conclusions about my essence, my soul, my very body. What had I done?

You were born different. That’s all the cause they need to pass judgment.

Inspired by artist Chi’s ‘Pink‘ from Deviantart.

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