A July TBR, what?!

So… I’m not really good at setting TBR lists for the month because what I read depends on how I feel. I have a bunch of books in a box and I pick out one that looks cool to me. I don’t base my reading preferences on whether the book is new, old, popular, indie, or whatever. I base it solely on me. However… moving to Georgia has changed that.

In case you missed the news, I’m moving down to Georgia next month to start graduate school. This is wondrous news! However, it also means that I can’t take books with me… that aren’t mine. >.> Trust me, I’ve already tried sneaking them into my moving boxes. It works! …until my sister-in-law goes scrounging for my books to hold onto and read after I move. -.- In other words, I’m reading on a time limit.

There are eight books of my sister-in-law’s that I want to steal read, which I’ve stacked above. And I have 21 days to read them all. Good news: I just finished one book last night. Bad news: I read like a sloth. -.- I’m the slowest reader on earth and I hate feeling pressured to read, but I’m determined to do this!

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: I have a July TBR! I have seven more books and twenty-one days which leaves me three days per book (or less since I didn’t read anything today >.>). And if I accomplish this, I can move knowing I didn’t leave any books behind. :p (Well, besides the ones my sis-in-law took. *cough* But I’ll get those back… at Christmas… or New Years… or sometime.)

If you want to read any of these books with me, I’m listing them all below with Goodreads links. Or comment below with a link to your July TBR! I’d love to see what people are reading in this hottest time of year (for the Northern Hemisphere at least. Hee hee!) Wish me luck on this adventure and have fun with your July reading!



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