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Discussion Highlights: Book Clubs

Last Week’s Discussion:
Book Clubs

Last week I brought up book clubs and how they were both useful outlets for readers and maddeningly annoying because of their constraints. However, I’ve never been part of a book club. Perhaps my opinion is biased. Yet, thanks to my awesome readers, the discussion exploded into a variety of opinions. Let’s see what they had to say.

DMWiltshire said:

“I would join a book club that would allow you to read whatever book that interests you and then have a brief discussion about how it was written and the technical aspects that you noticed in regards to the book.”

Anna M said:

“I find that challenges are a good alternative to book clubs though! You can talk about a genre and the books you’ve read in detail and have that great group feel as well.”

Bookmark Chronicles said:

“I’m not sure I would join a book club either. If I don’t want to read the book then I’m not going to enjoy that month.”

Lilyn said:

“I love the idea of book clubs, but I’ve never found one that fit me.”

Judith said:

“I like the idea of book clubs, but I don’t like being told what to read. Especially “synchronised reading”. I was in a book club which was perfect for this; we all read whatever we wanted and discussed them and debated which genres we liked and why etc.”

Magini said:

“I’m curious what others are reading and what are their opinions about the chosen book, but I don’t feel like I’m compelled to read it right at this moment or ever. But sometimes it gives me the motivation I need to finally start reading the book I wanted to start for ages.”

There was quite a variety of responses to book clubs. Some people didn’t mind reading bad books. Others countered with refusing to read books they weren’t interested in. Still, quite a few readers stated they merely hadn’t joined a book club because they hadn’t found one that fit them. A common theme it would seem.

Though, an interesting idea was brought up during the discussion: online book clubs. It seems they have more versatility in that they offer games, blog memes, and other discussions outside of just the book of the month discussion. Thus, the book club has broken the stereotypical definition of what a book club is and, in so doing, has offered more for their readers and members. Such an idea could prove to be more useful and fun for readers in this internet age. With the help of the internet, it’s easier to find people interested in the same books and discussion as you and perhaps the old-style book clubs will soon peter out. Who knows? Only time will tell.

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