{REVIEW} Pokémon GO!

Welcome back fellow humans! Did you catch my Pokémon GO basics yesterday? Fantastic! Now, let’s talk about why I’ve formed a love/hate relationship with the game.


  1. Real-World Location Tracking
    One of the best parts of the game is its ability to register where you are in the real world. With this information, the game places Pokémon, pokestops, and gyms in various locations thus requiring players to run around to advance in the game. Aka you’re getting exercise while having fun!
  2. Original 151
    Call me old-fashioned, but this is the best part of the game. Perhaps there are people who want all the other Pokémon, but as an original player of the game, the 151 is perfect. I know the Pokémon. I know their evolutions and it returns me to my childhood. Not to mention, it’s much easier to catch 151 Pokémon than it is to catch like… 1000+. 0.0 So daunting.
  3. Real World Discovery
    Because the pokestops and gyms are tied to real world locations within town, the game forces you to visit places you may not usually visit or places you might take for granted. For example, the Pokémon gym in my town is the library. It’s some place I drive by all the time, but never give much thought. So, it’s kind of cool to remember or discover new places around town (or in other cities, too! Travel! It’s fun!)
  4. Teams
    In case you haven’t gotten the hint, I’m on Team Instinct (aka Team Yellow). Why? Because I originally played Pokémon yellow on my Gameboy Color and I am true to my roots, but I think it’s really awesome the way they did the gyms, where teams takeover and control them rather than a gym leader. It adds more teamwork and competition to the game than if everyone were to fight individual NPC gym leaders.
  5. Catching Pokémon
    Unlike the original gameplay where you were forced to fight Pokémon and weaken them before throwing a Pokéball at them, you now go straight to the Pokéball part. Without the necessity to fight them, the catching goes much faster and with the help of razzberries, you can make your catch more successful if the Pokémon is a difficult one to catch.


  1. Friends
    At this point it’s not possible to add other players to a Friends list. Thus you can’t see if your friends are online or nearby or make friends with people across the country or in other countries.
  2. Trading
    The game does not currently allow you to trade Pokémon with other players. This forces players to catch all of the Pokémon by themselves, which requires people to travel much farther than they normally would. Sometimes, this is a problem because many of the Pokémon are only available in certain locations. Aka it’s time consuming to find all the Pokémon.
  3. Server Limitations
    The server is nowhere near big enough for the number of people playing at the moment. As a result, the game is constantly freezing, lagging, and requiring restarts. Though, the company is working on fixing this.
  4. Real Time Fighting
    This is a matter of preference, but I preferred the old turn-based fighting style, but this has been replaced with a more RPG real-time fighting style. For people who are not used to this (myself :p) this is quite stressful. It results in a lot of screen smashing. Haha!
  5. Training
    Training is not like the original game. Where once you would run around and fight Pokémon in the wild to boost your team, you now only have the option of using Stardust and Pokémon-specific candies to boost their level. It’s less interactive, but also less work.

Final Thoughts

When it comes right down to it, the game is tons of fun! I really enjoy finding new Pokémon wandering around town and taking down the Poké gyms near me, but the game does get extremely frustrating at times, especially during lag phases. At this point, I can’t say whether Pokémon GO has a strong enough gameplay to be a long-lasting game, but it’s definitely keeping people entertained and getting them out of their houses (when it’s not bloody hot outside! 0.0 )

P.s. Please look both ways before crossing the street. Stay aware of your surroundings. And be careful not to get attacked by birds… >.> Yes. This happened to me the other day… I JUST WANTED A POLIWAG! *headdesk*

Are you playing Pokémon GO? What do you think of it so far and what team are you on?


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