Will ebooks ever replace book stores and libraries?

“Ebooks are so amazing that bookstores will go extinct in the future.”
“Bite your tongue, sir! That’s blasphemy!”

Right there! I’m the second person! Bookstores will never go extinct because there’s no way people will give up tangible books altogether. Why? Because of people like me. Because of the unexplainable need and love for tangible books, I will never fully give over to ebooks.

Ebook Pros

It probably seems silly to all the ebook readers out there —  my resistance to ebooks, that is — because they think ebooks are the most amazing thing on earth. After all, how could they not be? Every book, no matter how long or short, are only as heavy as your ereader. You can put as many as you want on that one device, meaning you could have thousands of books at your fingertips whenever you want, wherever you want. The ereaders are even backlit nowadays so you can read in the dark, under the covers, or on the sunniest day. And you can even highlight in them or bookmark pages and you never EVER have to worry about damaging the book (you know, unless your ereader dies…) Ereaders are literally built for convenience. So, it makes sense that they are praised and worshiped.

Ebook Cons

But even with all of these wonderful qualities, I hate them. For one: charging. I charge enough electronics as it is and I carry enough of them all over the place with me that the last thing I need is yet another electronic device to shove in my backpack and carry around and have a charger for and find an outlet to plug the charger into. (have you ever tried finding an outlet in an airport? Impossible! Some airports don’t even HAVE outlets at all, much less enough for all the people… and their six devices each. >.>)

Second reason why I hate ereaders is the lack of tangibility. I love love love holding a book in my hands. I love forcing myself not to look at the next page for fear of seeing a spoiler(which sounds crazy, I realize that). I love being able to actually turn the page or even just hold the page in my hand in expectation of turning the page. I love being able to flip back to the front of the book to look at the fantasy world map without having to swipe through a bunch of pages (which is an issue if your ebook isn’t compatible with your ereader app and has no slider that pops up at the bottom… >.> ) And I love finding random objects (often magic: the gathering cards) to place in my book as bookmarks (because who actually owns a bookmark or can find one when they need it). And, most of all, I love being able to hold my book out, close it with my finger still on the page, and see just how many pages I’ve read (something you can’t get the same feeling from on an ereader slider.)

The real reason

The most important reason why I hate ereaders is… Well… I may be a book hoarder. >.> I know, it’s terrible, but I love having hundreds of books. I love lining them up on a shelf (not in alphabetical or genre order) but by height and making sure that each book in the series has the same cover style(hard cover or paperback with the same artwork). I love being able to look at my bookshelf and be like ‘wow. I’ve read a lot of books.‘ or ‘wow. I don’t remember reading that. Maybe I should re-read it.‘ (which I’m still working on re-reading, but some day I’ll get there… right after I discover the secret to eternal life :p)

What I’m trying to say is, I will never never never fully convert to ebooks. Even if they close down the bookstores and the libraries (which they won’t because it’s just not feasible, especially for all the people who can’t afford ereaders or the people who like having books[like me]), I will find a way to buy tangible books. There will still be online websites to buy tangible books from and there’s nothing better than that sense of opening a box full of books or walking out of a store with your arms full. The sheer size of the pile of books (whether read or unread) has such a warm fuzzy feeling that a bunch of ebook images will never give me.

Yet, this is just my insane love of tangible books. What about yours? Did I miss a reason to love tangible books? Or perhaps you’re an ebook reader and I missed a reason to love ebooks?

Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it! I’d love to hear from you! ^.^

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