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Discussion Highlights: Ebook

Last Week’s Discussion:

Last week I wanted to discuss ebooks because they’re all the rage nowadays. They’re highly convenient. They’re always available. And they’re designed for the modern world, but even so, I have a deep prejudice against them. It’s this prejudice that keeps me from buying and reading ebooks (and the headaches constant computer use gives me. >.>)

Still, despite the popularity of ebooks and their conflicting haters, no one seemed interested in joining the discussion with me. I was both shocked and disappointed. Did everyone agree with me? Or does everyone disagree with me? I guess I’ll never know. :/ But you’re still more than welcome to tell me your thoughts on ebooks in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Ebook”

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t see this discussion pop up because if I did I would have replied.
    I am not all for e-books but I do own a handle because they are convenient to have on hand. I normally don’t carry around a large bag with me, so when I’m stuck waiting some-place or end up on a long bus ride it is nice to have access to something to read like an e-book.
    That’s not saying I don’t like paperback… my lack of shelf space will clearly answer that. I like holding something tangible/ physically in my hands. The smell of ink on paper, the weight of what I’m reading… it adds to the reading experience. Also paperbacks don’t drain your battery life. XD
    So, although I agree with you it is their convenience and ability to reach a wider audience that makes them so popular in my opinion. 🙂

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    1. Haha! That’s okay! Posts can be super easy to miss. :p Heck, I miss my own somedays.

      Oh. I know about their convenience and that’s what kills me. Part of me would LOVE to have an ereader so I could have books with me all the time, especially for my eARCs that I get (since those only work on my phone.) However, I find I don’t read as well or as fast or as comprehensive when I read on an electronic device. I think that kills the whole reading experience for me. Plus, I’m a hoarder and I kind of just love to stare at my over-full bookshelf. It makes me feel accomplished for some reason. :p

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      1. I can’t read for that long on a phone or my eyes start getting buggy…
        The brightness stresses out my eyes. But another benefit about it is you can adjust the font size for you book. So if you need the font to be size 20 instead of 12 you can.

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            1. Ah! Yes. Though, to be honest, I would never give my child an ereader (you know… whenever I have them. >.>) I imagine technology at a young age would have adverse effects. Goodness knows typing on a computer at age five (by that I mean playing Reader Rabbit) severely impacted my horrid handwriting and inability to write quickly, legibly, and concisely. :/ Oh well! Nothing to do about that now. Haha!

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              1. No I agree but there are schools that use iPads in their kindergarten classes. Cheaper books helps save the school money…
                I wouldn’t give my future kids a ereader either. I want them to appreciate the classic way of enjoying a book. 🙂

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                1. Remind me to check the teaching curriculum before I send my kids to school. While it may be a good way to save money, I’m not sure it’s the best option for children. :/ I would think the school would be more focused on the children’s learning and development than the price, but perhaps I don’t know all the circumstances.

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                  1. Oh yeah, I know… but unfortunately schools have gotten the idea that learning technology younger will better prepare them for the future. I mean it does if the schools focus on mixing old with new style of teaching but the problem that’s occurring is teachers either don’t know the technology themselves and leave it to the kids to teach themselves, or it is used to just be a time waster. I had to teach using an iPad in one of my placements and when I didn’t use it the class would riot… and I would be the one in trouble for not giving them what they want.
                    Korean and Finnish schools use the tech as a research tool to support projects or make it easier to share ideas – the proper way to educate with tech. Canada and the USA appear to be using it for everything which makes students need/ dependency on technology way to high…

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                    1. And that has a lot to do with this belief that old tech or just writing by hand is going to be obsolete. America and Canada think they’re way ahead of the times, when in fact they’re crippling an entire generation by making them incapable of NOT having technology. I mean, just look at the kids nowadays taking selfies, posting tweets, and goodness knows what else. (I don’t even know what else.) Don’t get me wrong. I’m addicted to tech, but I don’t sit around aimlessly or have to take my phone with me everywhere. In fact, I love leaving tech somedays. Not having it is so liberating, but I keep mine around in case family or school has to get ahold of me. :/ You know, practical stuff. It’s a pain, really. headdesks


                    2. I think the reason we love leaving tech behind some days is due to the fact we remember a time we didn’t have it. I mean in our lifetime alone we’ve gone leaps and bounds in technology. I feel comfortable leaving my phone at home or going to a cottage in the middle of nowhere without cell reception or internet. I don’t feel disconnected when I disconnect…
                      Unfortunately there are kids that have always had a screen in front of their face and never had a moment unplugged. I taught some of those kids during my placement and they are husks of what they can be. They are lazy and apathetic. Sure, I was too at there age but when I give you a written assignment don’t throw a tantrum about how you can’t copy and paste what you’ve written on paper into your iPad because writing by hand is “too hard”.
                      I love technology in the sense it allows teachers to bring so many more resources to a classroom to open the minds of students. I love the fact that when I have a kid with absolutely horrendous handwriting I can have the type the assignment so I can actually read it. I hate technology with how in the education system it has become more of a toy than a tool. I also hate that those teachers using tech in the classrooms aren’t willing to get trained in it for the sake of their students because they are “too old” for this stuff and “the students will figure it out”.
                      Yeah… I have a lot of pent up anger about the education system in my country… I have a really short fuse when it comes to discussing it. XD

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                    3. Oh girl! You are talking to the right person because I, too, have an issue with the education system nowadays. It’s flawed and backwards and no one wants to do anything about it, much less the teachers who are stuck in their ways because they’ve been teaching since the dark ages. >.>

                      And I completely agree with you. I had a computer in my house all my life because my dad required it for work (he fixed script for non-tech people). I was lucky. I learned to use tech at an early age, but it was always enforced that I go do something else, as well. I can’t count the number of times my parents were like: ‘go outside. You can’t play inside anymore.’ And that didn’t mean take a cellphone or gameboy with me. It meant go outside and actually /see/ outside. Man, I miss those days. I truly have become lazy and stuck on tech in my old age, but a lot of that does have to do with my hobbies: writing(because drafts would take me forever by hand), blogging(because I gotta stay up to date and active. >.>), school work(research is a must and lord knows them new research papers aren’t in the library), email(because that’s the fastest way to get ahold of people in the professional world). Ugh. Tech. Where’s my EMP again?


                    4. I know what you mean. Unforuntately the problem new teachers are running into is having trouble getting onto supply boards. Most supply boards will take a retired teacher over a new graduate… which means it is near to impossible to get on those lists. It annoys everyone in the school system too because there is no new blood or new ideas. Don’t get me wrong, there are some older teachers that live up to their job. I had one that was pushing 70 and he was knowledgeable about all the new apps and tech. There are others though that once they are gone need to stay gone…
                      I was lucky in the sense that I had a computer because my dad needed one for work too. I didn’t really get into writing until I had one, and I also started getting into web comics then to. Having a computer improved my reading 100% but I was also told to go outside to be outside – just like you. 🙂

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                    5. Ah. The employment problem. Sadly, this isn’t just in the education ring either. Countless of professions refuse to take new graduates because they ‘lack experience’, but no one wants to hire them so they can gain the experience. It’s a double-edged sword that’ll kick many companies in the face in the coming years. :/

                      And I think a lot of the problem is also parenting. Parents are becoming too lazy and would rather their child be preoccupied or quiet (especially at dinner. Oh man! I see this all the time at restaurants.) They just hand ’em a device and call it quits like they’re taking the easy way out. It’s so annoying, but it’s not the only thing. A lot of them don’t even teach manners anymore. I really am worried about the state of humanity in the future. cowers in a corner with a blanket


                    6. Oh I agree… I’ve been spending the last 6 months trying to find any kind of job willing to take me. The world is a messed up nightmare right now. XD
                      As for parenting I agree. When I will little my parents had colouring books or sticker books for me to use at a resturant… and if I didn’t say please or thank you my mother you drag me back and keep me there until I said it. I learnt fast to be polite. It is nice to come across a kid that says those things. When a kid says please and thank you or excuse me you know the parents raised them right.

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                    7. Oh man! I’m sorry. I stopped trying to get jobs in my field and that’s why I’m going back to school. :/ It truly is a messed up world.

                      Coloring books! Ha! I got the coloring paper at the restaurant and if there wasn’t anything then I got to shut up and be quiet. But somedays I wish it were okay to reprimand other people’s children when they act rude. Heck! I’d like to reprimand the parents!


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