What? I’m alive? o.O

That’s right! I’m alive! After a 14-hour truck ride turned into a 20-hour car ride because of a broken band inside the truck tire and me driving over a piece of retread at 70mph, my family and I managed to make it to Georgia. Goodness knows how we didn’t kill each other because we all get very agitated after being in cars for too long, but everyone was safe. In fact, even all the furniture was safe. But then they left… :/

I barely had time to unpack, much less purchase items I still needed for my apartment before my family had to hop on a plane and rush back to the nice, not-agonizing summers of the North. It’s kind of amazing how fast it all went by. I wish everyone could’ve stayed longer, but they’ve all assured me they’ll come down to visit… at some point. >.>

The biggest thing now is getting settled in, putting stuff where I want it, becoming accustomed with living alone, and most importantly avoiding the heat! MY FREAKIN’ GOODNESS! I knew Georgia was hot, but I’m gonna DIE down here! I mean, my family joked about me being a melted pancake on the pavement, but I can’t even stand outside for five minutes without feeling like I’m drowning in all the humidity. How do you people do this?!

Exactly! I am of the firm belief that people from the South are not human because of the intense heat and humidity they manage to endure. Either that, or they’re insane and have no ability to comprehend heat anymore. Yeah… one of those two. >.> Anyway….

Settled In

I am settled in. I am moved in. Stuff is where it’s gonna stay and while I have a few more things to buy (like lamps because I’ve spent too many years living in the dark and apparently that’s not ‘socially acceptable’ or whatever. >.>) Now, what I’m really up to is getting ready (and by that I mean FREAKING OUT) for school.

Grad School

Orientation is on Monday. I sign-up for classes on Monday. I get an actual UGA identity card on Monday. (Oh and I have a theater audition on Monday.) So, if you haven’t caught my drift yet, Monday is the big day! I’m excited and nervous and anxious! I’m spending as much time doing NOTHING as possible because I know when school starts that ‘nothing time’ is going bye-bye. You feel me?

Well, I’m off to drinking some coffee and search for a washer and dryer (and hibernate in the middle of the summer. >.> Yeah… That makes sense.) I’ll be back with my super-late monthly update later today! Tune in!

Click the image to buy this shirt on TeeTurtle! (P.s. I already own one. :p)

And let me know about your move-in/start of school stories! I want to hear about your experiences and what the hardest or best part was for you!


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