{DISCUSSION} Loving the Villain!

NOTE: I’m so sorry this is late guys. 😦 I lost track of the days this week and thought yesterday was Friday and that means I didn’t have to write a discussion post. *sigh*

Why can’t we just love the villains?

“Who’s your favorite character in the series?”
“The villain.”
“Wait… what? But… they’re evil!”
“Exactly.” *evil smirk*

No, I’m just kidding! Haha! But really though… I love villains. I love villains better than the heroes in many of the stories and movies and tv shows. Why? Well for one, they’re not overly self-righteous.

Self-Righteous BS

It gets really old really quick when a character is ALWAYS doing the right thing. I mean, more often than not the hero can’t even imagine doing something bad because it goes against their ‘moral code’. Like breaking and entering even if could help people. Or stealing something that is vital to someone else’s survival or to completing a quest. These little things are so minuscule in the grand scheme of saving the world or just saving a single person’s life, but they can’t do them because they’re ‘wrong’.

And let’s be honest. How many people, in real life, do you know that are oh-so squeaky clean? o.O No one? Yeah, that’s what I thought. NO one is perfect. NO one has the moral code of a freakin’ deity (whomever your deity may be.) It’s just not plausible and they never, never do anything selfish. It’s just… predictable. Doesn’t it get boring for you guys? It does for me.

On the other hand, the villain does whatever the fudge they want. They break and enter and steal and maim and kill and do whatever it takes to get what they want. And did I mention ‘whatever they want’? They aren’t afraid of the consequences because they believe achieving their goal is worth it. Worth everything really. They think that nothing else could even come close to their ultimate desire. That’s really the big difference between villains and heroes, but it’s also what make heroes so annoying sometimes.

Villains are humans, too, guys 😦

The one thing that people seem to forget about villains: they’re humans, too. They have pasts with successes and horrors. They have fears. And they have dreams. More often than not, the reason why they’re the villain is because often times their ‘dreams’ were stolen from them and so their new dream is revenge or they want power, which is inherently wrong for some reason. What if they want power to protect their home and their family? What if they want power to cover up their personal lack of self-worth? What if they want power because they were the kid who was picked on all the time and never had a way to stand up for themselves?

Did you ever think of that? Did you? I bet not. But why should you? We only see their lust for power as greedy because they’re willing to sacrifice others for their cause. How can it be wrong to risk others for the lives of those you love? Maybe it has do with the mantra ‘lives of the many before lives of the few’. Still not sure how I feel about that… >.>

What would you do?

I don’t like to ask moral questions(especially since morals aren’t fundamental, but environmentally built), but if you were given the option to save your loved one (be that brother, sister, mother, father, child, spouse, friend, etc) over a complete stranger, would you? It’s a difficult question for people with ‘morals’. However, as stated above, morals are different for everyone. Aka morals between heroes, us, and villains may not be the same, which is why we may not understand the villains and their ‘evilness’.

Moral Code

Really what it comes down to is that villains have a different sense of moral code than heroes do, but this honestly backfires in the face of heroes all the time. The biggest downfall of being a hero is actually the ending, when the hero saves the day by foiling the villain’s plot and capturing them. Yay! Congrats! You saved the day and defeated the villain, now what?

“Oh, let’s just lock them up in this extremely easy to escape prison and wait for them to come back with an even deadlier plot next time. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.”


Superheroes are Idiots

“Let’s just lock ’em up and give ’em a slap on the wrist,” said every superhero ever. >.> I’m lookin’ at you, Superman, and you, Spiderman. How many times has Lex Luther or the Green Goblin come back to bite you in face? I lost count three seasons/series ago. *eye roll*

I mean, come on already! If someone tried to blow up the world (which I can’t personally fathom as a realistic goal because it would end the villain’s life, too), the smart thing to do would be to kill them. After all, it’s not like they’re normal criminals. They are SUPER-villains! They are MASTERMINDS! They’re whole thing is being so conniving that they can literally plot the end of the world/mass destruction/world domination. Yet you think they’ll be unable to break out of prison? -.- Killing super-villains is the only option.

“Oh! But that goes against the hero moral code. They can’t kill people. That would make them as bad as villains.”

No, that just makes heroes stupid. What do they think is going to happen? That the super-powered villains are just going to sit and rot in their prison cells until they die? Yeah, I don’t think so. And it’s not like you can let them go after ten years. Their goals haven’t changed. They’re still going to try and kill you/destroy the world/etc.

Back to Villains

And it’s for this reason that I love villains: their willingness to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Perhaps it’s the Slytherin in me that makes me love them, but I do. And it kind of irks me when the villain is all like ‘oh darn. I lost, but now I’m good because you’ve shown me the light oh powerful hero.’ Because that’s garbage. Unless somehow you change the villain’s goals and dreams, they aren’t suddenly going to become ‘good’. It doesn’t work like that, hun. -.-

Bad-assery at its finest!

Last thing of note for why I love villains: they’re badasses! They get the best theme music, the best costumes, the best entrances, and the best lines. Whatever it is, movies and books are doing really bad jobs of making villains seem not cool because they really do make bad look good. :p *goes back to sewing a Harley Quinn costume with an evil smirk and diabolical music playing in the background*

What do you think about villains?
Leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on villains.

18 thoughts on “{DISCUSSION} Loving the Villain!”

  1. I think I love anti-heroes even more than villains, because they’re much more balanced characters – like you said, no one is perfect and anti-heroes are the best of both worlds! They’re not straight up good guys but they’re not evil, either. They’re simply human. And that speaks a lot more to me than being on either spectre. You can relate to them and their choices, and they struggle a lot more, which makes their story a lot more interesting.

    Still, in regards to villains. I remember being younger and always, always preferring the bad guys. Exactly because the heroes sounded so boring and one-dimensional. They were definitely predictable and didn’t stir any emotions within me. Whereas the villains were fun, interesting and made me laugh the most. At a very young age, I started to question that stereotype and was always sad when the villains didn’t win (which was always). I just didn’t understand the heroes’ appeal. It’s not like I supported chaos but I did enjoy the interludes where the villains got to do their thing – their songs were always the best songs!

    So charming, so charismatic, so clever… They had it all and yet were still misunderstood. Only recently did authors start to explore villains’ backstory and make them “human”. Before, no one cared about their motives or their aspirations (unless the story was about the villains). They were simply plot devices to be used and abused before the good side won. Thankfully, they’re receiving a lot more attention nowadays.

    And what you said about heroes being stupid… Well, there are many reasons why that happens.

    First, to keep the plot going. If heroes managed to kill or get rid of villains in some way, what would happen to the story? Who would they fight against? Sure, there are more villains they can occupy themselves with, but sometimes there are not, and so an author needs to keep that villain in the story by any means necessary. Second, there are many villains fans out there (we are discussing that exact phenomenon hahaha) so sales would absolutely suffer if a favorite character were to disappear from the story. Third, if you think about it, heroes have a moral code similar to that of those who are against the death penalty. It’s true that some countries and/or states do still use it, but some have abolished it. It goes against human rights and general fairness to kill a human being, no matter what they did, at least without a trial of some sort first.

    It’s irrelevant whether you or I agree to that statement, but the truth is that the concept exists, and more often than not, the authors’ beliefs are injected into their characters. So you could see heroes as extensions of their creators (or, at least, their boss!) They believe in redemption through the justice system, or doing what’s right, and no matter how anyone tries to tell them otherwise, they will keep their mindset.

    Long post, as always! ^^’

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    1. LONG POSTS!!! marvels at the splendor of it all ^.^ Thank you for joining the discussion, Sophie!

      Oh my goodness! You are the second person to comment on anti-heroes. I definitely have to do a discussion about anti-heroes somewhere down the line. :p Just to appease everyone. ^.^

      Yes! I’m so thankful that villains are getting more depth and usability nowadays, but the real question is: will they ever become the protagonist? We always see them as the antagonist, the person standing in the way of our hero, or creating chaos. But why is it never their story that’s being told? I will admit that I know of a few fairy tale adaptations that are delving into this, but not enough, in my opinion. If you have suggestions for stories where the narrative is from the villain, I’m all ears. ^.^

      Oh… I know… sigh I was well-aware of the ‘no death penalty’ argument as I was writing this post, but I left out for this exact purpose: someone else will bring it up and we get to discuss. ^.^ It’s a huge topic and I understand another person’s POV of this, which would be the heroes point of view. They believe there is good in everyone. They think that locking the villain up will somehow make them see the light and that is naive.

      Not to mention, if you are going to lock them up, shouldn’t you design a prison which can hold the villain? I mean, my goodness! The X-men finally attempted this with Magneto, not that it really worked out in the end, but they really tried. That was the key! Granted, Magneto is one of those villains whom I love and wanted to get out of prison. >.> cough

      And I do understand the necessity of longevity in the series and the fans who would riot if a villain was killed off. :/ That is the big caveat about all of this. However, that’s for long-lasting series, such as Marvel and DC. As far as literature goes, I don’t think there is any reason to keep a villain alive for the fans or the series unless you’re planning to write the never-ending book series. :/ cough Cassandra Clare cough

      Anyway… I love your thoughts, Sophie and I’m so happy you brought them to the discussion this week! (And please leave long posts whenever possible! They’re so much more fun!)

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      1. Thank you! I will try to keep writing long replies xD
        If you do write about anti-heroes I will definitely be there for the discussion 🙂
        But bottom line: villains are cool! I do remember a book or two where villains were the protagonists but I don’t remember the titles. I’ll let you know if I find out 😉

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  2. I agree!!! I actually love the villain. The only type of hero I like is the broken/reluctant or anti-hero (kind of like John McClane in the first and third Die Hard … we won’t speak of the others). Or Shrek. A good guy, but not perfect. Someone who will do the right thing, but they won’t risk their lives for nothing, you know?
    But I like a good villain. When a villain’s written well, they’re easier to relate to. Kind of like Regina in Once Upon A Time. You can understand her pain, her grief, her rage. Would she have been the evil queen solely because of Cora taking Daniel’s heart? No. But with Rumple’s combined influence … yes.

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    1. Ah yes. The anti-hero. One classic anti-hero would be Deadpool, which gives the writers of the Marvel series lots of leeway. It creates tension with other classic ‘heroes’, but also allows Deadpool to do WHATEVER he wants. The freedom and lack of predictability are one reason why anti-heroes are AWESOME! (I should totally do more research on anti-heroes and make that a discussion post later this year. :p)

      I was actually thinking of Regina from OUAT because she is that villain who’s bg we’ve received. We know her backstory, where she came from, why she’s evil, what’s she lost, etc, etc. She’s real. That’s the whole point. And I like how you point out that villains aren’t born with a single experience, but a combination of negative influences in their lives, which nudge them towards The Dark Side. :p (I couldn’t help myself with that one.)

      Now, I will say, that in some instances, magic/supernatural forces play a role in the ‘evilness’ of characters, such as that of Darth Vader. He wasn’t evil to begin with either. Of course, his reason for going dark was because he succumbed to love, and hate, and fear. >.> Aka he was human, which Jedis aren’t allowed to be… but… >.> drops side-tangent

      Now Rumpel is a fascinating character in my mind. I LOVE him as a villain. He wants his happy-ending and his power because his fear is all-consuming, but Belle can’t handle that. (Sorry if there were spoilers. I’ve only watched through Season 3?? -.O) His and Regina’s paths to The Dark Side were completely different, but they both ended up there. You know?

      could go all day with examples of awesome villains :p

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      1. Yes!!! And Deadpool is fantastic!!! (Well, Deadpool in the movie, not the abomination that was in the Wolverine movie!)

        Ha ha ha I have to teach my students about anti-heroes when we do creative writing, which is SO MUCH fun!!!

        I know!! I so agree! I love Regina. I really do. And I feel sad for her. I mean, she tried. She really tried. In so many ways. And Rumple took advantage of that, of her vulnerability, of her innocence. He kept pushing her.

        No, he wasn’t! And learning more about his past made everything more understandable, in a way.

        I’ve watched all of it – I’ve finished S5 so I’m the one with more spoilers! My bad!! I hope I haven’t revealed anything! I liked Rumple as a villain … but after S5, less so. But it’s hard, because I actually like him as an actor, and sometimes I find it hard to dislike a character if I like the actor …

        So true …. I mean, one could have an entire discussion on Loki alone 😉

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        1. Oh man! Yeah, the Deadpool in Wolverine Origins was just… no. We don’t speak of it.

          No. You didn’t give any spoilers. I’m just that person who’s perpetually behind on TV shows. sighs I haven’t even STARTED Game of Thrones yet. >.> I know. I’m too far behind to really even say ‘no spoilers’ on that one but, eh. I try. Hee hee!

          Oo. Loki. :p

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          1. Ha ha ha ha ohhh GoT is soooo good!
            I watch a lot of TV when I’m cleaning or working out. I figure if I’m on my treadmill, may as well watch a few episodes or something. Or if I’m cleaning the bookshelves, may as well have something in the background happening. (If it’s music, I start dancing which is really bad on a treadmill – like, really, really bad – and when I’m cleaning, a lot of dancing happens, but not a lot of cleaning. (Seriously, every time. I’m terrible.) It does mean that sometimes I miss important details, but whatever. They always do a ‘last week this happened’ and I get the gist anyway!

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            1. Haha! Yeah, I can’t do that. I have to being paying attention to every little detail in the show. IF I miss something, I’m so upset! However, I can listen to music all the time and I dance, too, but for running it’s a great beat to match my footsteps with. :p Like a metronome or something. Hee hee!

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              1. Ha ha ha I’m so bad at it. I just want to dance!! I’m terrible. I’ve even danced in stores (forgetting people are around and it’s public) and people have laughed at me!

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