I’m invincible!

Ah! Everyone loves a good Monty Python reference, yeah? Well, it’s a good representation of how I feel having completed week three of graduate school(which is nothing in the grand scheme of 6 years, but…) A lot has gone well. A lot has gone wrong. And I learned from all of it! Now, let’s take a look.

House Lessons

  1. When cooking, pay attention! Last week I adjusted the wrong burner on my stove and ended up scorching my rice to the bottom of the pot. Don’t worry! Most of it was still edible.
  2. When curling one’s hair, firmly grip the curling iron handle. That’s right. Despite my years of practice at curling my hair, one wrong move and my curling iron slipped out of my hand, slammed into my other arm and left an adorable array of red marks for a few days.
  3. Always check the air temp before leaving the house. I live in Georgia now, land of the balming, sweltering, humidity-dense hills. aka I run my a/c all the time, but running it all day when I’m not home=very high electric bill. -.-

School Lessons

  1. Everything will go wrong. It’s inevitable. I’ve been running experiments in the lab everyday since I started grad school and not many of them have actually gone well. Either I’m bad at this or it’s just science and that’s how it goes. Either way, I need to learn to do the best I can and prepare for the worst.
  2. Organization. You know those planners that students are supposed to use? We had to get them signed by our teachers in middle school, but once mine got home, I never touched it. >.> Yeah, bad idea. I always forgot homework and after grade school, I never remembered my schedule. So, I bought a new planner. A custom-made, 18-month, personalized Slytherin planner. To say I’m using it is an understatement. :p (More about my planner in another post.)

Life Lessons

  1. Friends are good. So… this is kind of a no-brainer, but I didn’t have much in the way of friends after I graduated from high school. Too many bad experiences, I guess. Yet, now I have found people who like me and get along with me and are probably the same level of crazy as me, but that’s why we’re friends, right? :p
  2. Enjoy life. Grad school is a job. They don’t even like to call it ‘school’ here at UGA, but even with it taking up 40+ hours a week, I have to find a balance. One of these was getting back into theatre. Another was going out to a brewery with some friends(which I never do. o.o) Or just taking time out of my schedule to grab an extra coffee. There needs to be balance and mine is a WIP.

What did living alone or going to university teach you?
Tell me about it in the comments below! ^.^

5 thoughts on “I’m invincible!”

  1. I’m sure you’ll do fine, even if you feel like you’re drowning every once in a while. And by every once in a while, I mean nearly every day. 😀 Seriously, they wouldn’t have accepted you if they didn’t think you could handle it.

    Also, welcome to the south, the land of humidity and constantly running air conditioning… but hey, at least we don’t have to drive in snow in the winter! 😛

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    1. Haha! I love driving in snow! My car slides all over the road and every commute is like a small spark of adrenaline. :p (But really, I do love snow and I’m gonna miss it so much!)

      And things have gotten better. I’ve learned how to cook… a little better. I only burned myself twice this last time I cooked. Haha! And I am definitely keeping a closer eye on my a/c. I turn it off first thing when I wake up in the morning and last thing before I go to bed. Not gonna watch that power bill climb. 0.0

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