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Discussion Highlights: Loving the Villain

Last Week’s Discussion:
Why can’t we just love villains?

Readers are always rooting for the heroes, but to me… they’re so boring! Ugh! They’re all the same, always predictable, and they almost always survive and live happily ever after. See? Predictable. That’s not what I want. I want a story that’s exciting, twisting, and unexpected, which is why I just love the villains! But I can’t be the only person, right? Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Carla Louise said:

“I agree!!! I actually love the villain. The only type of hero I like is the broken/reluctant or anti-hero […] Someone who will do the right thing, but they won’t risk their lives for nothing, you know?”

Sophie said:

“I think I love anti-heroes even more than villains, because they’re much more balanced characters – like you said, no one is perfect and anti-heroes are the best of both worlds! They’re not straight up good guys but they’re not evil, either. They’re simply human.”

Lilyn Said:

“Definitely prefer the anti-heroes. Villains are the more interesting characters, yes, but I just can’t do the whole rooting for evil thing.”

Well… 0.0 Apparently I am alone in loving villains… At least when compared with anti-heroes! Haha! I guess I pick villains because anti-heroes aren’t common in literature, but when crossing into comics or TV, I can totally root for the anti-hero. I mean, who doesn’t love Deadpool? :p

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