Monthly Update {August}



Um… This month was bad… I kept trying to get started on edits for my novel, SOTA RADIATION, but it just… didn’t work. Granted, this month has been pretty intense. I moved into my apartment at the beginning of August/end of July and I’ve been settling into graduate school ever since. It’s been a process. :/

Hopefully September will be a better month to actually get into a schedule and start writing because I really want to finish this book this year. That was my goal and so far… I’m failing. *sigh* We’ll see. Here’s hoping.


Reading! Yaaayyy… Wait. I read one book this month. *headdesk* Yeah, this month was bad for reading, too. That’s because, again, I was settling into grad school (which is starting to sound like an excuse because I use it so much), and I only managed to read a single book. This has partly to do with the fact that my research professor handed me 12 articles on my first day in lab and then I have to read 4 articles per week for classes on top of that. Yeah… it’s been a lot, but I’m getting into the rhythm and I know what’s expected.

So… again, hoping for more next month. :p (Also because I’ll need to read more books for book reviews and because I currently have 50 unread books sitting on the floor in my living room. >.> *cough*)


Blogging was pretty consistent despite my schedule, but I have a few changes to alert everyone to. If you haven’t participated yet, I’m doing weekly discussions on Thursdays! Please join in or check out the highlights on Tuesdays.

Speaking of Tuesdays, I’ve dropped doing Top Ten Tuesday. I don’t read enough to have books for it and memes aren’t really fun for me anymore. :/

I’m running out of Japan posts, guys! So, I likely won’t have any more in the future for Wednesday food days or Saturday travel updates. However, I’m trying to do grad school updates on weekends for you.

Book Reviews
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith {5 stars}
Hexed by Michelle Krys {1 star}
Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff {4 stars}
I, ROBOT by Isaac Asimov {2 stars}

Novel World Stories
Caged Animal
Figure it Out Together
Pack Mentality

Top Ten Tuesday

‘Strong’ Female Characters
{Highlights} ‘Strong’ Female Characters
Weak vs. Weakly-Written Characters
{Highlights} Weak vs. Weakly-Written Characters
Gender Double Standards
{Highlights} Gender Double Standards
Loving the Villain
{Highlights} Loving the Villain

Japanese Food: Noodles
Japanese Food: Udon
Japanese Food: Takoyaki
Japanese Food: Traditional Breakfast

Flash Fiction Friday



What? I’m alive? o.O
Monthly Update{July}
Grad School: Sailing or Failing?
Life Decisions: Science vs. Art
I’m invincible!
1-Year Blog-o-versary!

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, it was my 1-Year Blog-o-versary! And to celebrate, I would appreciate it if you could fill out a little 9-question survey to help me improve my blog for you! Thank you! ^.^

3 thoughts on “Monthly Update {August}”

  1. First, reading for school TOTALLY counts… and Grad School is supposed to be tough, or everyone would do it! Second, you CAN talk about some of the cool scientific stuff you are learning… there is an audience for that as well. Finally, just get creative with posts. Witty and charm can go far too! 😉

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    1. Haha! Thank you, JR. I appreciate the encouragement and I have started to find a good routine to maximize on my time. Though, I think I will be devoting quite a bit more of my time over the coming months to writing instead of reading because I can read when betareaders/critique partners are looking at my novel and edit when I get feedback. Gotta find a good jungle rhythym. :p

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