Tedious Transfers To The Target Terminal

Travel. Moving. Grad School. Blogging. Change.

Those of you who have been following my blog know how much has happened in the last six months. I’ve traveled half-way across the world to Japan and S. Korea. I moved down to the muggy state of Georgia. I’ve started graduate school, which involves a lot of adulting(which I’m pretty good at) and time management(which I’m not quite failing at). :p

Even with my limited amount of free time, though, I’ve made sure to keep up with blogging. Yet, all the life changes have opened my eyes to the possible changes I can make on my blog and I’m looking forward to implementing these over the next few months leading up to 2017. (Hopefully you guys are, too. :p) With that being said, a few changes have already occurred.



Many of you have noticed and are partaking in my weekly discussions already. Words cannot express how much this means to me. I love reading everyone’s opinions and debating with them. I especially love when people disagree with me because it really opens up the conversation for more in-depth talks. What I’m trying to say is, I love interacting with all of you. For that very reason, Thursday Discussions will continue on my blog from here on out.

Life Updates

Only in the past few months have I really been giving updates on my personal life. I didn’t originally because I felt like no one would care. I felt like it would take away from the fiction and the books, but I was a fool. Readers, bloggers, and discussioners want to know with whom they are discussing. They enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog, to know they’re a real, unperfect person like them. So, I’ve done a few life updates. Not sure how people feel about them yet, but I’ve gotten a couple comments here and there.


A few weeks ago I re-did the layout on my blog. While adorable and fancy and colorful, the last layout did not match the post-apocalyptic/science fiction vibe that I often try to portray on here. So, I gave my blog a new face. Less color. Less flourish. More grunge. More simple. I like it and I’ve heard a few others like it, too. ^.^

Book Recommendations

As a book blogger, I offer book reviews. However, I don’t offer much more than that, but why not? It’s not hard to offer book recommendations, and it’s this thought that has spurred me to add a new section to my book reviews: recommendations. At the bottom of my book reviews, you will find books I recommend. These can be books similar to the book I reviewed or better (if my review wasn’t very good.) Hopefully, this is something of interest to you all. ^.^


As a grad student, I don’t make a whole lot of money. I make enough to get by and I’m happy with that, but I’ve noticed a few book bloggers utilizing their blogs to make money. This is fascinating! I looked into it and I think it’s a great way to make just a little extra cash on the side with your help, of course. What I’m trying to say is I’m now an affiliate with Amazon.

Each of my future book reviews will contain Amazon links for the book I’m reviewing, other books in the same series, and books I recommend reading based on the book I’m reviewing. All you need do is click on the image of the book you want to buy and it’ll transport you to Amazon. Please remember, you will not pay extra by buying the book through my link. Thank you!

Still To Come…

  1. Tomorrow will feature my new book review style. The set-up has changed. The structure is less constrictive. The review is more stream of consciousness oriented with relatable opinions. There will be fewer, if any, spoilers. Book recommendations will be listed at the bottom and links to buy books on Amazon will be live! Just click on a book cover and be whisked through the Interwebs to Amazon! ^.^
  2. Like last year, I will be doing holiday-themed posts. So keep an eye out in the coming months for those and let me know what you think of them! (Also let me know if you want to bring one back from last year: Months of Thanks, 25 days of Christmas, New Years Resolutions.)

More updates are in-progress for 2017.
Stay tuned!

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12 thoughts on “Tedious Transfers To The Target Terminal”

    1. Well, it depends on what you want to do with your blog. Some of them are offering services, such as betareading, editing, freelance writing, etc. Others, like myself, are becoming affiliates of book selling locations. Basically, I post a link to a book on Amazon and if you buy it through my link, I get a certain percentage of what you pay. That’s at least what it’s like in theory. We’ll see how well it actually works in reality. :p

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