Searching… .. .. .

I may be lookin’ for some droids…
if those droids are betareaders or critique partners. :p

That’s right ladies and gents, it’s that time again. I just finished another round of edits, but that doesn’t mean I’m ‘done’. It means I need help, your help! A LOT of changes happened in this round of edits and being the overly-biased writer that I am, I can’t read them and decide if they were ‘good’ changes. But you can! Let me explain how! 😀


I’m looking for 3-5 betareaders who are interested in reading young adult science fiction (blurb below). It’d be excellent if you were familiar with current young adult science fiction novels, but it’s not mandatory.

Feedback should be your thoughts of the book if you were reading it for fun. I may have a few specific questions to discuss after you finish, but nothing time-consuming or extensive. I just want an outside perspective of what is done well in the book and what still needs improvement.

Critique Partners

I’m looking for 1-3 critique partners. I would like these to be writers who are well-acquainted with the young adult genre.

Critique partners and I will be far more acquainted with each other and discussion about the book will be more in-depth. From a critique partner, I want a writer’s point of view. I want to know if the mechanics of the book work: the plot, the arc, the character development, the world building, etc. This will take more time and be more involved than being a betareader, but I will exchange your time with my own if you should decide you’d like me to read your work as well.

Time Line

I’m not on a time crunch, but I want this book polished by the end of the year. That means, I’d like all betareaders and critique partners to be done with their read-through and comments by the end of October. That’s 7 weeks from today. If you get done earlier, AWESOME! The sooner I get comments, the more time I have to edit. ^.^

Sota Radiation Blurb

The Island + The Last Airbender

Giselle will do anything to protect her family. Yet, when her lightning adaptation almost kills her brother, the only way to keep them safe is to leave. And not by choice.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Wardens have one rule: be useful. Now the very reason Giselle was ripped from her family, is the only thing keeping her alive. She must provide lightning to power the Wardens’ underground maze. If she refuses, she’ll become the next test subject for the surgical team.

But that’s the least of her problems. When Giselle realizes her brother was keeping a secret from her, she has to escape and return home. If she doesn’t get to him in time, he’ll die… or worse.

If you’re interested in being a betareader or critique partner, please comment below, DM/tweet me on Twitter, shoot me an e-mail, fill out the contact form below, or shout it from the rooftops(preferably in a place where I can hear it :p ). Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you! ^.^


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