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Discussion Highlights: Spoilers in Book Reviews

Last Week’s Discussion:
Spoilers in Book Reviews

If you read my book reviews you know that I always have a spoiler section and I mean always! But maybe that’s not such a good idea. Maybe that’s why no one ever reads my book reviews. :/ To better understand this dilemma, I brought the question to the discussioners last week. Now, let’s see what they had to say!

Lilyn said:

“I try my best not to spoil.”

JR said:

“I think [reviews with spoilers and without] are fine, so long as you clearly communicate which kind of review you’re writing early on.”

Allie said:

“[…] if I were to put spoilers in a post, I’d rather make it either a discussion thread or a separate spoiler review! […] I respect that most bloggers would like to share what they think, and that they would want to support their views and opinions with details from the book, and that’s perfectly fine! Just indicate before anything else that there will be spoilers in said review. “

Jo-Anne said:

“I tend to be one of the people who reads my reviews before I’ve read the book so unlabeled spoilers are very frustrating. Usually all I’m looking for is the general opinion of the plot from someone else who read it. Was it something they couldn’t put down or did the plot go nowhere.”

Well, I’d say that pretty much settles the debate. If you write your book reviews for other people (which you are if you’re posting on a blog), then it’s a good idea to either not have spoilers or clearly mark them for the readers. You don’t want any accidental eyes wandering into dangerous territory. That’s a quick way to lose a loyal reader.

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Book Review Length


5 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Spoilers in Book Reviews”

  1. That’s what I always do, I clearly state in the beginning that there will be major/minor spoilers, depending on the review. Also, I tend to hide the really big spoilers, just in case.
    It’s just so awful when I get spoiled without warning, that I don’t want anyone going through the same thing.
    Sometimes it’s pretty hard to deem what is really spoiler and what is not, though… How do you explain certain things without really revealing anything important? How do you fully express your opinion? It’s a dubious designation.

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    1. Ah! Your questions are the exact same thing I was going to say: how do you know what’s a spoiler and what’s not? Obvious ones are plot twists, but the smaller stuff? It’s too subjective. I fear that’s where a lot of the surprise spoilers come in because the reviewer doesn’t see it as a spoiler (or they’re biased now that they know what happens), but the potential reader does see it as a spoiler. sigh I prefer to be safe rather than sorry because I know how much it bothers me and I don’t want the same thing to happen to someone else.

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