flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Click, Click, Boom

One click. One squeeze. One twitch of a muscle is all it takes to end a demon’s life. At least with a well-placed shot.

Some people believe you need special armor, special bullets, special arrows, special abilities, special poison. “Special… fools.”

Not everyone can be a hunter. Not everyone can give up their life for this. They think they can, though. They think their reasons are enough: family, wealth, power, glory. “Fools.”

Demon hunting isn’t a job. It isn’t a fantasy. It isn’t even a way of life. It’s a calling. It’s given to us whether we want it or not and no matter how hard one tries, one cannot hunt unless one has been called. “I was- Hold on a sec.”

Draw the string. Release the arrow. Boom.

Inspired by artist Cleverboi’s ‘Demon Hunter!!!‘ from Deviantart.

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