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Discussion Highlights: Book Review Length

Last Week’s Discussion:
Book Review Length

When I started writing book reviews, I divided them into specific categories and gave each one equal length. It was my way to organize my thoughts. Though, it was difficult to sustain 1,000+ word book reviews. What’s more, I don’t think most of the information was necessary for readers, which brought about my question of how long should book reviews be? Let’s see what the discussioners said!

JR said:

“I think you keep it a short enough length that you don’t scare away readers while getting your point across. The rest is a gut check based on the book, its audience and your feelings on the book.”

Sophie said:

“To me, if a review is compelling enough, its length doesn’t matter. […] I’ll try to cut [out] everything that is either a repetition of my thoughts or seems unnecessary to get my point across. But I’ll keep everything important in. I believe it’s important to find a balance🙂”

It would seem that while shorter is safe, it’s not a matter of length. Rather it’s based upon what the reviewer has to say. If you have something to tell your readers, do it! Take all the length you need to get your point across, but make sure you’re precise and to the point.

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9 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Book Review Length”

    1. Mm. I think it has to do with the average age of book bloggers: <20 and therefore generally shorter attention spans. Thus, the inability to read longer book reviews and less need to write longer book reviews. I mean, look at the length of YA books.

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