Slikerins bring down the House @ Blogwarts!

Slikerin House won the first Blogwarts task! That’s what I’m talking about!

Slikerins Represent!

Wait! You don’t know what Blogwarts is?! 0.0 Well, let me educate you! Blogwarts is a competition hosted by Anthony @ aVeryAwkwardBlog where bloggers are sorted into Hogwarts-inspired houses and given tasks to complete for house points. Sounds fun, right? It is! And we just got the results from the first task!

1st Task: House Theme Song

The first task for Blogwarts was to write a theme song for our house. Sounds simple, right? Nah! Anthony decided to really make it difficult by adding that we had to change the lyrics to a pre-existing song and then make a video to go with it! Talk about involved! And Slikerin house lost a lot of members in the voids of the internet. :/ (The Head of House, Flavia, and I are still trying to collect them all.)

But even with our limited number of house mates, we managed to scrounge up an audio track, write and record some lyrics, and smash together a video in under a week. And we won! (earning ourselves a hefty 60 points and putting us well in the lead of the other houses) Don’t believe me? Check out the announcement post from Monday! Or better yet, watch our video below!


2nd Task: Scavenger Hunt

With only a weekend to relax, the second task is now underway. And it’s a scavenger hunt! All we have to do is find a bunch of items and take pictures of them with our house name on a sheet of paper. Easier than making a video, right? Wrong! With 64 items to find by Sunday and half of them being obscure, this is gonna be a challenge, but I have faith in my house! (And not just because I’m the house Prefect :p)

We are Slikerins and we’re gonna take home those house points!

Want to Join?

Want to join in all the fun? Great! First thing’s first: Get sorted into a House! The houses are Gryffindraft, Ravenclick, Hufflepost, and Slikerin[the best house, duh!] Then create an account at the Blogwarts forum, and wait to hear from The Headmawkward Blogger regarding your House!

Not sure if you’ll have the time to devote? No worries! Blogwarts is very low key and you only participate in the events you have time for. No pressure what so ever! So come join us! Any House would love to have you and I promise it’ll be fun! ^.^


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