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Discussion Highlights: Negative Book Reviews

Last Week’s Discussion:
Negative Book Reviews

I have heard quite a bit of talk in the Blog-o-sphere about writing negative book reviews. After all, not every book is amazing. Not every book is even good. So, how do book reviewers and bloggers handle those books? Do they write the negative review or do they just push the book aside and pretend like it’s not there? Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Anzel said:

“My slightly sadistic side very often revels in reading a well-written snarky review, they can be very fun. I’m one of those readers who put aside books I’m not enjoying, so I don’t often write negative reviews myself.”

Sophie said:

“Sometimes negative reviews are a lot easier to write than positive ones, just because I have a very specific idea of what I’m going to address. Whereas if I really liked/loved a book, I just don’t know how to express those feelings as well.”

Carla said:

“I don’t do book reviews, positive or negative, but I do try and remember to star-rate them on Good reads and I’m not afraid to leave a one star to indicate it was terrible. I will also give my honest opinion if asked!”

From the sounds of it, reviewers, readers, and bloggers alike don’t mind negative book reviews. Some find them easier to write. Some people actually enjoy them, but it seems we all agree that they’re necessary. They’re necessary for readers to know what not to read and for writers to learn how to improve, but remember: a negative review doesn’t have to be rude.

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Zombies: The Weakest Link


18 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Negative Book Reviews”

  1. I completely agree with your closing paragraph on this post. I have written negative reviews but I try to do so in a kind way offering some tips and suggestions to the writer on how they could make it a better book. As a writer, I want people to give me honest reviews: if they think the book is good, say so; if they think the book is not good, say so, but be kind and don’t just say “I didn’t like this book. It’s not very well written.” Tell me what you didn’t like about it and what you thought wasn’t written well. That’s how all writers improve, and ALL writers need to accept negative reviews and use them to improve their writing instead of disregarding the negative review and being offended.

    Good post, Melanie!

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    1. Thanks, Kelly! Glad you enjoyed the highlights. Perhaps you’ll want to join the discussion, too. ^.^
      And I agree. I am actually kind of looking forward to the negative reviews because they help me become a better writer more than the good reviews, you know? I don’t want my ego to get too big and then start writing poorly or sloppily. But that’s still a ways off. :p

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  2. Valid points. And I definitely agree, negative reviews SHOULD NOT be rude. And no matter how much of a rant it is, I’m only gonna take a negative review seriously if rational reasons are given. You know, when there’s at least some kind of analysis / objectiveness behind it. If it’s just like… “I hate all the characters and I didn’t like the world and the main character was a mean bitch…” & so on, I can’t take it seriously 😛

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