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Discussion Highlights: Vampires: The Illogical

Last Week’s Discussion:
Vampires: The Illogical

Orangutan Librarian said:

“haha yes- you cannot fall in love with your food! It’s super weird! And yes- vampires are dead- they can’t have kids!!”

Lilyn said:

“I will say that by acknowledging that a creature is supernatural, then you acknowledge, at least to a point, that there is a certain element to them that does not bend to accepted human reality.

You call bull on their ability to procreate, but I say that it’s just as believable as them bursting into flames when they walk out into sunlight.”

DM Wiltshire said:

“I’m a big classic vampire fan but at the same time some modernized vampires I like – Underworld, anyone?”

Simon said:

“Turning them into part human livers has made for some daft films and tv stories to serve the teenage girly market. It’s about time we had them back to what they should be…”

Carla said:

“To be honest, I prefer the ‘classic’ vampire. So over the Twilight bullshit, and how people have this romantic obsession with them! Like, I really liked Lestat from ‘Interview With The Vampire’.”

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
Werewolves: The Misunderstood


5 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Vampires: The Illogical”

  1. Ooooh!!! I love Underworld, too! It’s the only vampire movie I like I’m pretty certain. I can’t think of any others – except for Van Helsing, but vampires are viewed as soulless!

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      1. No, I do! Sorry, I must not have worded it correctly!! I prefer when their viewed without having a soul, sorry. Underworld, I think, is my only exception. Although they’re not exactly Twilight-like …

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        1. Ah! Yes, I agree. They should be soulless, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider the Underworld vampires to have souls. They’re just… more refined. :p I mean, they still enslave people and make them work for them. That’s kind of soulless, yes?

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          1. Yeah, that’s what I meant! In Van Helsing, they clearly lose their ‘soul’. But in Underworld, they aren’t human … but they aren’t ‘soulless’ either. They’re more like what you’d expect. I mean, Selene’s been a vampire for centuries … why would mortals really matter to her? I know she falls in love with one, but that’s because of his compassion. Because he saves her. That gets her to look at him differently. It develops. Their reactions are exactly what I’d expect, you know?


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