flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Painful Peace

What did it mean to her? The snow?

A woman of few words and fewer expressions, she went about everyday without emotion.

Yet when it snowed, something overtook her. Some… feeling. Some… emotion. No matter what she was doing, she’d halt. She’d freeze like a statue. The flakes would dance about her, gliding against her kimono, clinging to her eyelashes, decorating the ground beneath her geta.

And slowly, like she were moving through ice, her head would lift to the sky. She’d focus on something only she could see and tears would fill her eyes. They’d slip over the edges one by one to mingle with the melted snowflakes and a look I can’t explain would fill her face: like… she were in deep pain and yet at peace, like she were ready to leave this world but she’s not allowed to.

Inspired by artist WLOP’s ‘Watcher‘ from Deviantart.

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