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Discussion Highlights: Werewolves: The Misunderstood

Last Week’s Discussion:
Werewolves: The Misunderstood

For those of you who don’t know, werewolves are my absolute favorite supernatural creature, and since it’s supernatural month on my blog, I naturally had to throw in a discussion post about them. I was a little disappointed, though, with my discussioners. It seems they aren’t quite as passionate as I am. Let’s take a look at what they said.

Feel This Book said:

“I love werewolves! Way more than vampires😀 [… In Buffy the comic series,] Oz has found a way to control his werewolfiness. But it wasn’t always like that, he would change based on his emotions or the full moon, and he would have the lack of recollection + the lack of control. It was over time that he learned to control it, and not just out of the gate.”

Sara said:

“I love werewolves as well, specially in a paranormal romance kind of sense (no guilty pleasures for me), so having a functional kind of werewolf is my thing. If it’s a main protagonist in a story, I love to have them think and function within their werewolf form (Can you tell I was Team Werewolf in the Twilight series?) But if they’re the “villain” or “aggressor”, then yeah, I’d rather have the traditional kind of werewolf.”

Bambiquim said:

“I haven’t given as much thought to werewolves, but I feel like they show up more often (comparatively to other supernatural figures) in visual media than literature. Perhaps their metamorphosis is visually striking, but not as easy to draw sympathy from the reader or create a metaphor? “

It seems we don’t really agree on werewolves. Some people like their werewolves to appear in different ways based on the part they play in a story. Some want them to be almighty, powerful creatures with control. (god-modding in my opinion), but whatever the case, it seems we can all agree on something: werewolves rock!

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
Witches: The Variable

1 thought on “Discussion Highlights: Werewolves: The Misunderstood”

  1. AH! Frack – I miss the werewolf discussion! T.T
    I love werewolves too. I think it is due to the fact I love wolves…
    They always are portrayed as strong tempered and rabid, which I can understand why but it’s characters like Remus Lupin (Harry Potter) or Peter Rumancek (Hemlock Grove) that make me love werewolves. These two guys don’t like the curse they are under and don’t let their curse define them. One is a very skilled wizard and the other becomes the heart of the group with his wit/ charm.
    I like when writers approach the humanity of the host versus the curse controlling the whole character development. I think what is most appealing is their struggle with keeping their humanity and not losing themselves to the beast that most readers fall in love with.
    Recently, I’ve been taking a closer look at werewolves because I’ve been exploring another writing project that is more along the supernatural world living in modern day life. I’m looking at keeping the pack mentality but making it more Godfather/ mobster type style. I don’t know it’s an idea I’m playing with.
    Anyways, great topic and hopefully I won’t miss the next one. XD


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