INKTOBER: Lil Red, Part 8

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Continued from Part 7

Tossed to the side, the girl rolls away. Her hair spills across her face, but she shoves it back, her eyes searching for the huntsman.

He reclaims his sword from the leaves and scrambles to his feet. “Back!” He brandishes the sword before him. It sweeps back and forth in wide swings, trying to keep all the monsters at bay.

“Dun!” Once more, the girl climbs to her feet. But this time, she lunges for the monsters.

Brádach’s eyes widen. “Stay away from dem! Dey’re dangerous!” He reaches for her, latching onto her arm and tugging her towards him.

“No, dey’re not!” She struggles against him.

His grip tightens, his fingers clenching around her arm.

She yelps.

The monsters growl.

Brádach jabs his sword towards the nearest monster.

“No!” With her free hand, the girl knocks his arm away.

The sword drops. It slides across the ground, out of his reach.

“Why ya do dat? Now we have no way to protect ourselves against dese…” He doesn’t want to say it, but he doesn’t know how else to describe them. “Monsters!”

“Dey’re not de monsters here! Yee are!” she spits, yanking free of his grasp.

Artwork by Ryan Bernard.

Continued in Part 9

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