INKTOBER: Lil Red, Part 10

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Continued from Part 9

“Lost our hides?” Brádach glances sideways at the monster creeping up on his left side. He sidesteps to keep distance between it and him. “What ya ramblin’ ‘bout?”

“Why don’tcha ask yer Seanmháthair?” She spits the word like the word’s an insult. “She knows all ‘bout de dark deal yer family made.”

“What dark deal? What ya gettin’ on ‘bout?”

“De one dat disgraced yer heritage!” she screams. She breaks away from the monster and advances on Brádach. Fire rages in her eyes as she looks upon the huntsman with disgust.

He backs up, wary of the strange girl. Yet, he holds his head high. He knows better than to show fear, especially in front of a wee lass like her. “Heritage?”

“Yer heritage o’ de wolves,” she growls, narrowing her eyes down on him.

“Yer bloody mad!” The huntsman casts his gaze about the monsters.

None of them advance any longer. They remain behind the girl, yet they watch him as if they could understand.

The ground shakes as one of the monsters drops. Blood oozes across its shoulders, seeping into its auburn fur.

“Dadaí!” The girl rushes over, dropping to her knees. She yanks the sleeve off her dress and presses it against the shoulder wound.

“Dadaí?” Brádach gapes at her and then at the monster.

It pains the girl to see her dad hurt like this. It churns her anger. “Look what ya done!” she scolds the huntsman.

The huntsman blue eyes widen, too shocked for words.

Artwork by Ryan Bernard.

Continued in Part 11


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