INKTOBER: Lil Red, Part 12

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Continued from Part 11

One of the monsters sidles up to the girl. It nudges her hand.

She allows her hand to rest on its head, her fingers sliding through its soft, auburn fur. “Soon,” she whispers, her voice smooth and comforting.

The monsters slink away from the huntsman’s body, his head rolling away from his torso.

“Soon, y’ll be able to change back to human, Mamaí.” Her green eyes meet those of her mother. For too long she’s been unable to hug her mother and speak with her mother, forced to communicate with just looks. But no more.

After today, the debt will be repaid.

“But first… I need to pay a visit to an old friend.”

Removing her hand from her mother’s head, the girl slips forward through the frost-covered, bloody grass, and grabs the huntsman’s head by the hair. A smile tugs on her lips as she glances at the wide, blue eyes. “I don’t like huntsmen.”

With the smile still on her face, she skips through the woods. The head swings from one hand, splattering blood across the ground and her bare legs.

She hums a little tune her mother used to sing as she makes her way toward grandmama’s house. Or… the huntsman’s grandmama anyway.

Artwork by Ryan Bernard.

Continued in Part 13


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