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Discussion Highlights: Creature Creation

Last Week’s Discussion:
Creature Creation

We’ve spent October talking about numerous supernatural creatures: vampires, werewolves, witches, and zombies. These are classics. Everyone has a relatively similar idea of what each one is, but they’re ancient. How come there isn’t a new creature coming into popularity in the last century? Have we run out of ideas? Let’s see what the discussioners had to say.

Adam said:

“I think the real challenge is developing a personality and perspective that is as complex as a human, but far from it.”

Megan said:

“I think seeing some new creatures in fiction would be awesome! Versus the same old witches and vampires, etc. What kind of creatures? I have no idea! Lol. But definitely something new would spark my interest. “

It seems that while people are interested in seeing a new creature (or multiple) come into popularity, it’s the actual creation of a new creature that is catching people up. What combination of characteristics makes a creature popular? How do we create something that is human enough to be relateable but still a creature? It’s a paradox, but perhaps we’ll see a new creature in our life time.

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:

15 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Creature Creation”

          1. None, which means you’ll see loads of the same ole thing. 😂😂 More of what’s known, because shy of a big star making one, everything’s protected intellectual property. And it takes work to make a new one understood but everyone knows what vampires are.


          1. Umm we have a public holiday at the beginning of October, it’s Labour Day or something. But no, we don’t have a Halloween holiday. Some people have started trying to celebrate it … but it’s definitely not widespread. It’s basically more adults having Halloween parties more than anything (drinking and dress ups). No kids really trick or treat.

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            1. Aw. That’s such a shame. Halloween is so much fun! Though, I’m much too old to trick or treat nowadays, but I think a lot of the fun is getting to decorate the house, invite people over, make cute-shaped treats, and what not. It’s the spirit of Halloween that’s important here. ^.^ I wish we could share that with you guys. Perhaps I’ll send you a Halloween care package next year. Hee hee!


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