flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: What do you mean?

The tips of her pointed ears twitch. Her mouth pops open into a tiny circle and her blue eyes grow bigger like she’s trying to take in the world around her. “What do you mean cats don’t like water?” She quirks her head to the side. That gorgeous, lush turquoise hair of hers looses from her braid and caresses her cheek while the water-filled bottles she wears for earrings slosh back and forth.

Innocence glitters in her wide eyes. My heart aches from the adorable way she watches me, fully intent on my answer. Yet, her ears flick sideways at the splash of water nearby. And the corners of her lips curl up, excitement spilling across her face.

A cat who lives in water… It’s not possible.

Inspired by artist Chi’s ‘No Title‘ from Deviantart.


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