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Discussion Highlights: Writing: Picking a Genre

Last Week’s Discussion:
Writing: Picking a Genre

In honor of NaNoWriMo being this month, I tried to host all writing-themed discussions and one thing I happened to ponder was how writers pick their genres? I mean, is that something they consciously think about? Do they decide to pick a genre because it’s something they don’t read or do they just fall into it? Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Simon said:

“I got to my genre because it’s what interests me, in fact it’s what I feel passionate about. I get stories come into my head from all kinds of places and I’m not just SciFi either I also have historical fantasy stories lined up too.”

Sophie said:

“I generally write based on my mood and on what I’m currently reading. If I’m reading fantasy, my creative mind might be so inclined. But overall, I don’t seek out to write this or that genre. It’s mostly an unconscious choice.”

Well, I don’t know if these two can speak for everyone, but it seems that the writer doesn’t pick the genre. Rather, the genre picks the writer. Is that the truth for every writer? Probably not. I mean, there are plenty of authors who change genres part-way through their career or have pen names for other genres. Those have to be conscious decisions, don’t they?

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
Book Hoarding


4 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Writing: Picking a Genre”

  1. Love the love “the genre picks the writer”- for me a huge part of writing fantasy comes from wanting to write books that I knew I’d want to read- and even when I wanted to expand my writing horizons it just felt like a no brainer to stick to fantasy because there’s so many endless things you can do with it! For me it’s a genre that just gives you so much freedom to explore your own imagination!

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    1. Oh! I hear that! I love writing post-apoc because I have the opportunity to change the world into anything I want. The world was destroyed and now I get to re-build it.It’s perfect! And it always seems to work with the advanced technology I want to throw in. ^.^

      Fantasy, I fear, is still out of my element, though. There’s too much freedom with fantasy. I just stare at the possibilities and go: “TOO MANY DECISIONS!” :p So, I admire you for that. Best of luck with your imagination! ^.^

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      1. Absolutely- I completely get that- I actually have one trilogy that’s a dystopic fantasy so in many ways, I’m the same!! haha good point!
        hahaha yeah- that to me is the part I like- as I said, it allows me to do so many things- everything from dystopia and reconstructing worlds, to totally destroying them. Ahh thank you! 😉 best of luck with yours!

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