{Discussion} Book Hoarding

 Is Book Hoarding a good thing…
or a bad thing?

For those of you not living in the United States, last week was Thanksgiving! Aka binge eating good food and then falling asleep on the couch while watching football. At least, that’s how it usually goes in my house. :p

But the more important part is family. My dad came down to visit and we did lots of shopping and I finally, finally bought a 2nd bookshelf. So those 50+ unread books sitting on my living room floor (for the last 4 months) were finally  moved to a proper shelf… and then I almost bought more books. >.>

“Melanie, do you have a problem?” you ask.

“Why yes! Yes, I do!” 😀

I love books. I like to read them. I like to hold them. I like to stack them and organize them. And I like to look at them. Some of you may enjoy watching paint dry, but I enjoy just staring at a giant wall of books! All the bibliophiles are going:

Is it bad that I enjoy books so much that I want to buy more when I still have months worth of books to read in my house (because I’m the slowest reader on our lovely planet Earth?!) Is there anything wrong with buying all the books? Is there anything wrong with obsessing over their order on the shelf? Is there anything wrong with being so satisfied with the sight of a full wall of books?


Let me put it to you this way: books last FOREVER! (Unless you burn them. Thank you, Ray Bradbury. -.-) They never lose their value (and often gain value with age.) They are activities that can be picked up and enjoyed over and over again. And you only have to pay for them once! Think about that! How many other hobbies can you say that about? (*glances at violin* Shh! I love you, too!)

But I’m trying to say here, guys, is that books are awesome! No! Don’t fight it. You all know it’s true. :p We all know how much time bibliophiles think about books: what book they’re reading, what book they just finished reading, what book they’re gonna read next (or in twelve months), what books are being released, what books popular, how fictional characters seem so much more awesome than ‘Real’ people… Wait. That’s only me? …oh. >.>

The Real Issue

Alright. I’ve put in my two-sense regarding why books are awesome, but let’s talk about whether book hoarding is bad. First off, book hoarding is addictive. It’s like getting a tattoo, or eating a piece of chocolate. You can’t stop at just one. You… gotta catch ’em all! ( :p Don’t hate me.)

But when is enough enough? When do we need to stop buying books and start actually reading the books we own? Is there a set limit for everyone? Or is it based more on our reading speed? And is it bad socially for us to own/read so many books? Do we start to lose touch with reality because we spend so much time in other worlds, other stories?

So while I don’t think book hoarding is necessarily a bad thing (especially given the alternative hoarding options), but what about you guys? Do you think book hoarding is bad? Are you a book hoarder or a book hoarder in remission? Let’s discuss!

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27 thoughts on “{Discussion} Book Hoarding”

  1. I don’t know actually…this is a good question. I have tons of books in my cabinet that is working as a makeshift bookshelf because retail is at a premium in my room and I love antique furniture. So a lot of books are stacked on the floor. Does that make me happy? No! I want them to be pretty on The shelf.
    So I’m thinking I need to part with the books I’ll never read that I saved from bins and donate them, and keep the beauties or the rare ones. I have a lot of VC Andrews paperbacks bc they are out of print. So when I find them, I grab them. But otherwise, I think I need to pare down so that I can get a bookshelf in my room (I’ve been thinking of any way to store them and besides several shelves lined up next to each other, I don’t know what else to do).
    And since I have a bedroom and not a house, I mainly have to buy ebooks. I want to start requesting Physical ARCs but I don’t know where to put them! Any ideas on storage options for books when you don’t have a bookshelf?

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    1. Hee hee! Honestly, I didn’t have enough bookshelves for the last three months and my books ended up sitting on the floor behind my living room couch. >.> After all, there were so many of them and all the other surfaces in my house were taken (outside of my dining room table.) So, I can’t say I’m the best to tell you where to put books. As long as the floor is clean and they won’t get damaged, I think it’s a great place to put them. ^.^ (Until they take over the room. Then you may have a problem.)


      1. If you’re collecting something you do it to show it off. Specifically with books it’s to build a library, to read, to reread, to lend, whatever the case may be.
        It only becomes hoarding if you keep them locked away somewhere and don’t ever look at them and therefore don’t need them

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  2. Yes, I’m a book hoarder (only books I actually want/read/will read, not random crap books for the sake of having books). I also plan to have a library one day. In my house, I mean. Probably unlikely, but not the point. I like my books!

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    1. Haha! I hear that! I definitely only buy books I’m interested in, but that’s still a very large quantity. ^.^ I mean, there are hundreds of thousands of awesome books out there.

      And I plan to have a secret library hiding behind my rotating fireplace. :p So, whose dream is more unlikely now? Haha!

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  3. raises hand My name is Savana, and I am a book hoarder.

    To answer your questions in one simple sentence – No, it is never enough and us true book hoarders will never back down without a fight! 😛 I own sooo many, and continue to get more, and I just can’t stop. I love featuring them on my bookstagram (so pretty) and I am not sure that this addiction (Can we call it that? It’s not particularly “unhealthy” if you ask me…) will ever lessen in my life ❤ Lovely post!!

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    1. Hi Savana! Thank you for coming to meeting and opening up about your addiction. That is the first step to the healing process. :p

      I’m happy you agree that this is not a bad thing because books give us knowledge. Books give us imagination. Books give us freedom and escape. I don’t think there should ever be anything wrong with that (Shh, Ray Bradbury! Haha!)

      Thank you for joining the discussion! Hope you comment again in the future! ^.^

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