flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: My Choice

You don’t understand. I had to do this. I had to make this choice.

I know what it means to take the fire within me, to let it consume me. I know how much it burns when the flames rage through your veins. I know the agony when the blaze eats away at your iris, searing the color to a blazing orange. I know the sting of shedding tears made solely of a liquefied inferno.

This is the price I pay. This is the horror I endure because it’s what needs to be done. Because this is the only way to save you.

I know you don’t understand. I know you think I betrayed you and the hurt in your eyes is more painful than any physical pain I faced for this burden, but you have to trust me. This was my choice.

And I’m choosing to save you.

Inspired by artist WLOP’s ‘Mumei‘ from Deviantart.


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday: My Choice”

      1. A collection of themed short stories. So, for example, Tickety Boo Press is doing one with a Roswell theme. I recently put the word out in a blog post (I’m not affiliated with them). Others have told a chronological story in , but are still a collection of short stories in the same universe.

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