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Discussion Highlights: Book Hoarding

Last Week’s Discussion:
Book Hoarding

As I just bought a new bookshelf for the dozens of books sitting on my living room floor, I realized that maybe I had a problem. Half the books I own are unread. Half! That’s a lot, and yet I still want to buy more. It made me wonder if I had a problem, and if others suffered with this problem: book hoarding. :p Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Anna said:

“I think I’m definitely guilty of book hoarding. Once you start it’s pretty impossible to stop. Am working on it though!”

JR said:

“You say “hoarding,” I say safeguarding for posterity!! It’s for our future children!! **Nods head sagely*”

Bookmark Chronicles said:

“It’s not a bad thing because it’s not hoarding. Collecting something and hoarding things are completely different”

Carla Louise said:

“Yes, I’m a book hoarder (only books I actually want/read/will read, not random crap books for the sake of having books). I also plan to have a library one day. In my house, I mean. Probably unlikely, but not the point. I like my books!”

Savana said:

“To answer your questions in one simple sentence – No, it is never enough and us true book hoarders will never back down without a fight!😛 I own sooo many, and continue to get more, and I just can’t stop.”

Matxi said:

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but like with everything you have to have some kind of control, at least sometimes 😜”

Well, it definitely looks like I’m not the only book hoarder out there. Actually, it seems like there’s quite a few and most of them might be in denial about it. Haha! But that’s okay. Having too many books is a problem I’m okay with having every day. It’s much better than not having enough books, you know what I mean? :p

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Shelf Organization


4 thoughts on “Discussion Highlights: Book Hoarding”

  1. The more I think about it, the more I realize I am. So I went to this bookstore the other day (little hole in the wall used books store), and I found a copy of Wither, a copy of Everneath, and an ARC of The Forgetting! I talked to the lady and asked if she took donations. The books were reasonably priced, and it only cost me $15 for three pristine books, one a priceless ARC.
    What she told me was interesting: they DON’T take donations. They sell the books on consignment! When a person brings in books, the book gets a sticky note inside with the price and a number. The number is unique to the seller. The seller gets 1/3 of the price of the book in store credit, so they can buy books there with the credit! Ingenious!
    Many of the books I Hoard currently aren’t all bad or ones I won’t read: but some are. Some I took because they were free and sounded nice at the time. Some came from school classes. Some I just liked how nice condition they were in and they had nice covers. I’ll never read, or don’t want to reread, some of these books. So I’m going to bring the books I don’t want to her and reinvest them into books I want to read. And when I come across some I want and I don’t like them when I’m done, I’ll bring them back.
    I’ll still donate to the library, but this is the perfect option for someone like me who doesn’t have a house but a bedroom in my mom’s house. For now, I’m going to be selective and keep what I love or enjoyed. Later when I have bookshelves I will be able to Hoard books again, lol.
    (Sorry again about the long response!!)

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    1. Wait wait wait! A book consignment shop?! This is awesome! I am so jealous of you right now! I would love to find something like this because I think it’s a great idea! You get books for cheap and can still get money from your books. ^.^ (And as a starving college student, money is everything. sigh)

      P.s. You live in GR, right?! may be taking a visit


  2. I, too, am a book hoarder/collector and I don’t believe I can have too many books. I have not read all of the books I have in my house, though I do keep working on them, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to buy more!

    Great post and I agree with many of the quotes. 🙂

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