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Discussion Highlights: Shelf Organization

Last Week’s Discussion:
Shelf Organization

As many of you may have read across my blog I bought a new bookshelf! Weeee! That means I had to organize all the books that were previously on my floor and, in doing so, I once again thought about how I organize (and how different it is from many other readers.) So, I thought I’d offer a little discussion for my readers about how I organize my bookshelf and ask them how they organize. Let’s see what they had to say!

Simon said:

“Hang on – you don’t put a series next to each other if they’re a different height?!? I must admit I have the same issue as you, the books have to look tidy and level. The way I would get around the different book height in a series problem is to buy the hardbacks – job done. “

Myzania said:

“I’m visual. I would sort them by series and height. Mainly series – it’s all a bit willy-nilly…”

Matxi said:

“I don’t organize them by height, more like by genre, and I hate when that happens in a series, that you end up with different formats or different height books… I can’t! That has happened to me before with TMI series, I know is too superficial but still…”

Well then… I’m baffled! Apparently I’m not quite so strange in my shelf organization. Either that or my blog post only called to similar organizers. :p Whatever the case may be, I think we learned quite a bit about how exuberant readers’ reactions can be to shelf organization. So, be careful when re-organizing someone’s shelf! Ye be warned!

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
Giving vs Receiving Books


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