flash fiction friday
Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday: Upper Hand

You know that feeling you get when you realize you’ve lost the upper hand? That sudden tension in your shoulders. The icy chill that slides down your spine like a long fingernail, toying with you. The clenching of your gut. The sudden pounding of your heart in your chest as your body prepares for fight or flight.

And yet you’re forced to remain immobile, unfrazzled, calm. You can’t let them know they’ve won the game. You can’t let even a single crack break across your smirk or a twitch of your eye signal them.

But even a statue fails because they already know they’ve gained the upper hand. They knew they’d won before even playing their cards.

Inspired by artist Mathia Arkoniel’s ‘Kei Jian Long‘ from Deviantart.


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