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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

My Favorite Part of the Christmas Holiday

It’s that time of year! Christmas trees are going up, classic Christmas movies are being played, and snow is on the ground well at least in other states BUT not Texas! People seem more cheerful and full of the holiday spirit around this time.

I must say I LOVE the Christmas holiday and everything about it but my most favorite part of the Christmas holiday is the Christmas music! Growing up I was always surrounded by family for the holidays but in the background there was always Christmas music playing. I specifically remember hearing certain holiday songs such as “Silent Night” by the Temptations, “Let it Snow” by Boys 2 Men, and “Sleigh Ride” by TLC. Yes, you can say I’m an old school soul, but the old school Christmas music is AMAZING!

Christmas music makes me feel so cheerful and I know all of the words. Since my family is so large I always think that we are a large mas caroling group. The music is just a perfect touch to the festive decorations and jolly family members.

Christmas music is so different because it’s not your typical music that’s played on the radio but it has meaning. It makes a car ride a lot more cheerful and enjoyable.

So as much as I enjoy my family my favorite part about Christmas is most definitely the music. It ties everything together and the music makes everyone feel so much better about their day and more joyful about the season.

I hope everyone’s jingle bells are rockin’ this holiday season! Have a happy holiday!

Hey ya’ll! I’m Erriel JD from Ft.Worth, TX! I’m a 20yr old college student studying Interdisciplinary Studies Special Education EC-6 so I can soon become a certified teacher. My blog, Erriel J’s Life Chronicles has been online for about 3 years now and it showcases my lifestyle and style (lifestyle and fashion blogger). The main goal I have for my blog is to reach others and to connect with others who may have something in common with me.



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