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Discussion Highlights: Giving vs Receiving Books

Last Week’s Discussion:
Giving vs Receiving Books

What with Christmas coming up here next week, I thought it’d be fun to have a  little Christmas-themed discussion. Of course, we still kept it bookish by asking who prefers giving books and who prefers receiving books. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of responses and the reasoning. Let’s see what the discussioners had to say!

Flavia said:

“I’d have to say that I really enjoy both (as long as I have an income, haha) I really like receiving books (if like you said, the person doing the giving knows my tastes). And I also like giving them as gifts, especially if it’s a book which I personally enjoyed and that I’m giving to a friend. “

Jo-Anne said:

“I do prefer getting a book and my favorite part is the obvious-getting to relive it again and again and gain something new each time you delve back in!”

Lilyn said:

“I have brought reading into two peoples life. One, of course, is my daughter, but the other is one of my coworkers. She’s in her early fifties, and suffers from a bit of a learning disability. […] It has been very, very rewarding. Her face lights up now when she’s talking about a book that she loves. “

Matxi said:

“I can say that I am in the selfish group… I really do love to receive them!! Nowadays these past Christmases I only get what I buy to myself, we no longer celebrate Christmas properly like when we were little kids…”

Megan said:

“I love giving gifts… but of course, I also love receiving books! What bookworm doesn’t? Lol! 😂 But seriously, it sounds like I should move to Iceland…”

Mandy said:

“In regards to giving books, I do enjoy giving them. However, most people that I buy presents for have tricky tastes. […] In regards to receiving books, I both love and hate it. I love getting books as presents.”

Rae said:

“I don’t really have a preference of giving or receiving but I only give books to people that I know will appreciate it. I’ve made the mistake of buying a book for someone who doesn’t read. […] Some people just don’t appreciate books like we do.”

Well then. Not everyone even enjoys receiving books for Christmas because they’d rather be able to pick out a book that they want instead of risking getting a book they don’t want. (or just not having the time to read said book and feeling guilty for not having done so.)

On the other side, some people don’t like to give books because it’s such a tricky gift to give. In the same way receivers are worried about the book in question, givers are, too. With that in mind, perhaps it’s best to keep the book gifting to people you know will love a book (or a bookstore gift card! :p)

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
“Santa or not to Santa”

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