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Seasonal Magic

The Magic of the Advent and Christmas Season
by Solveig Werner

advent20The Advent Season is a time of waiting, preparation and of retrospection, all with a little bit of magic here and there.

For me, things start with the making of the wreath at the end of November. Suddenly, as fresh pine branches are bent into shape, the house is filled with the scent of Christmas.

I no longer await with impatience the next morning to open my advent Calendar, I have inherited the task of preparing it from my mother. It’s time to start decorating the house, scissors, glue and glitter are all around.

I recall my joy and amazement when I found my freshly polished boots filled far over the rim with chocolates, this year I watched the surprise and excitement of my daughter. Split naked she saw an orange peeking out of her boot and exclaimed “Mein Stiefel!”  (my boot!), there was no time to get dressed before emptying the boots.

While listening to Christmas Music, such as Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, the baking of Christmas cookies is a messy but very much fun affair. Will they last until Christmas? Or will they be gone by the end of the day?

At least those heading to various destinations in the parcels being packed will be enjoyed on Christmas. Will they arrive on time? Will the letters arrive on time? The letters filled with retrospection regarding the most important moments of the year? What would Christmas be without Christmas correspondence?

Once in a while, it is time to sit down, find a moment of peace from the season’s hassle and reflect on the year soon to come to its end, to think of loved ones, take in the beautiful sights and listen to stories.

Curling up on the sofa with a generous slice of Stollen and a hot beverage, especially after having been outside to build a snowman, have a snowball fight or after a day of sledding, to listen to A Christmas Carol read by my father can almost not be topped!

And then on the 24th, the discovery of the tree!

The most magical moment of them all!

A moment of pure magic!

Then, while singing carols around the lit tree, presents and the stress of the days past become secondary.

And now it’s Christmas! The days are spent being quite lazy around the tree, calling family and friends to thank for the presents, reading books, watching films and eating far too many of those cookies…

It is Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

About the Author:
Solveig Werner is a lover of Christmas. Making a living as a freelance German teacher, she lives in Paris with the love of her life and their young daughter, who is impatient for Christmas, as well as for the arrival of her little brother or sister in March.  Solveig blogs about everything that comes across her mind, but has been quiet for most of 2016 due to the passing of her mother, morning sickness and a busy work schedule.
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