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Tinsel, Town, and Toys

My Fave Part of The Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ Season…
or “Tinsel, Town, and Toys”

advent23This is the best time of year. My fave time of year. I love it more now than ever because I live in a state that has seasons and I can see snow.

I grew up in Arizona. Lived there for 25 years. Didn’t know anything but sunrise at 6am and sunset at 6pm…and 70 degrees in the winter to 129 degrees (yes, that high) in the summer. When my mom moved to Michigan, I never planned to go with her. Hell, I had barely been out of AZ!

Shortly soon after, I was in Michigan because my “problems” led to my dad buying me a one-way ticket to live with my mom.

I’m so grateful I do now.

Grand Haven is like a little “haven,” hence the name. In summer, there’s the Lake, but in the winter (especially now) there are big fluffy snowflakes and postcard scenes.

Grand Haven has a little downtown area that comes to life with sleds and shopping and lights galore. It’s truly a vision against the white snowy backdrop of the town. It’s stunning really.

You can wear Uggs or Bearpaws or my Juicy Couture moon boots that allow me to walk in snow and keep my tootsies warmย (and bought for $2 at a garage sale! What? You didn’t think I would be able to afford brand new Juicy Couture moon boots, did you?) ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

Right now they slump by the door, but I love pairing them with leggings and having big chunky boots to keep me warm! I love the snow, though I don’t like the amount we are getting right now (it’s been nonstop and then it gets annoying).

But my fave part of Christmas?
The spirit of the season!!
The lights, the shopping, the GIVING of the season.

(That’s not me in the pic btw: total stock photo of someone shopping: besides I’m way cuter than that!)

Ok, so sometimes I find a little something for myself…like when I went to the Barnes and Noble today to finish my shopping for my SFATW person (Anne from Inked Brownies) and for Sammi (from ohbookishgirl), and I foundย ONEย signed copy of Heartless among the other copies like a beacon asking me to buy it, even though I won the ARC of it and already own it! I haven’t even read it! But c’mon: It’s Marissa Meyer, and when else am I going to find a signed book by her??

It’s where I can go into my local library and say ‘hi’ to Allison and the gang, and they all know me. It’s where people are nice and all you want to do is tell people that you live in a snow globe world.

I guess my favorite part of the Christmas season is living in a town that embraces the Christmas season. I love it all: people shopping, lights glowing, snow falling, and family calling (asking about wth to get my mom bc they don’t know how to shop for her! And to me she’s the easiest one! ๐Ÿ˜‚)

One of the historic homes here

So I guess I want to say… I love the Christmas season, but it wouldn’t be the same without living in my new hometown as an AZ transplant. I โค๏ธ Grand Haven. And I love Christmas here.

What do you love about the Christmas season? I love that school is out and I’m not working so I don’t have to worry about working on Christmas Eve. That’s my fave shopping day of the year; I love the frantic energy in the air…it’s almost tangible!

Merry Christmas, guys! Or, for half of my family, Happy Hanukkah, though it’s already over. Happy Ramadan to my friends who celebrate that, and happy Kwanzaa (am I spelling that right?). And for those who don’t celebrate at all, then have a lovely couple of days. Enjoy the day after Christmas sales where you can get some awesome deals!

Happy Reading, y’all!
My love to you this wonderful time of year!!

My real name is Stephanie.ย I’m an avid reader of YA. I graduated in the fall from Grand Valley State University and will be a high school English teacher. I formed this blog to assist teachers and parents with finding contemporary YA for the classroom or for recreational reading. Some material is not right for younger YA readers while some is perfect. I like it all, and I want to share to help match books with readers. It’s why I want to become a teacher. That, and I want to rekindle the love of reading books…and get new literature into the hands of students.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the classics! But authors like Lauren Destefano and Marissa Meyer write books that belong in the hands of young readers. I’m just the messenger. Please don’t shoot me.

I mainly read YA science-fiction and fantasy, so those are the books you’ll most likely see reviewed on my blog. However, I am always open to help an indie author get a leg up!

I am a big nerd and love friends. Please stop by and be my friend?


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18 thoughts on “Tinsel, Town, and Toys”

  1. Great post, Steph! I also love having all four seasons and getting to experience winter during Christmas. It just wouldn’t be the same if it were 80 degrees on Christmas, ya know?

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  2. Ok, awesome formatting! Thank you so much! I love this idea!
    I’ll post mine much later on….but for now I’m going to share on my blog!
    Thanks you and great job! (Have you done one for yourself?)

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