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While it may not seem like it at first glance, THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US by Emily Skrutskie involves a female protagonist who is lesbian. As one of my good friends happens to be bisexual, I find it important to surround myself with books with characters of varying sexual preferences. da-readathon-expelliarmus

ARENA by Holly Jennings is about full immersion gaming (an awesome concept, if I do say so.) Yet, most important part of this story is the female protagonists struggle to gain acceptance in a male dominated gaming world. There are a variety of male dominated professions left in the world and this book brings to light the struggles women in those fields face. Additionally, the main character is both female and of Asian descent, another key factor in her struggle for acceptance.da-readathon-protego

THE BLOOD OF FLOWERS follows a young woman trying to make a name for herself in seventeen-century Persia in the city of Isfahan. It just so happens that the author, Anita Amirrezvani, was born in Iran and has visited modern day Isfahan. Thus, this seems like a perfect choice for #ownvoices.


Who doesn’t love an ass-kicking female protagonist? What better way to empower women than that? And that’s exactly what THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J Maas is all about. Let the fight scenes commence!dareadathon-impedimenta

I bought ANGELFALL by Susan EE months ago! Goodness knows how it’s been sitting on my shelf for so long, but I figured it was time to read it. And I’ve been informed that it has a disabled character. So, I believe that is why it’s considered diverse, but please correct me if I’m wrong. ^.^dareadathon-stupefy

Who hasn’t heard of THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett? It’s even been turned into a movie, which I loved, and I thought it was time to give this book a read given the hype surrounding it. It’s also a story written about a very important part of American history and therefore most definitely deserves the hype.dareadthon-lumos

I actually received BONE WITCH by Rin Chupeco through Netgalley because my friend, Flavia, suggested I request it.  We were gonna buddy read it in February, so perhaps I’ll leave it for last just in case I don’t get to it. 😉

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