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Nothing but a Silent Night

advent25For those of you following my blog, you’ve likely seen the daily Christmas-themed posts which started on December 1st. Each day hosted a different blogger or artist who shared their favorite part of the Christmas season, and boy was there a lot of variety.

We’ve read about Christmas from Christians, Agnostics, and Muslims.
We’ve read about Christmas in Australia, the Philippines, and Romania.
We’ve read about present day traditions and traditions from centuries past.
We’ve even read about Christmas from people for whom the holiday is not a happy time, but a sad one.

I’ll be honest with you now, I had no idea how much variety this Christmas series would bring. Going into it, I had presumed there would be lots of posts about food and presents, traditions and cultures, family and friends. I had no idea I would find such amazing people who were willing to share so much about their unique Christmas season, both good and bad.

For this, I am thankful.

I am thankful to all the bloggers and artists, friends and family, new acquaintances and old who agreed to take part in this series. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. More importantly, I thank you for opening my eyes to the wonders, tragedy, and variety of the world around me.

I never dreamt it possible to
have Christmas without snow,
much less at 100+ Fahrenheit!

I never took the time to think
about how non-Christians feel
about the Christmas season.

I never fathomed that, for some,
Christmas is a time filled with
tragic memories and sadness.

But my eyes have been opened.

All of your experiences combined with my lack of Christmas this year has offered me the opportunity to reflect. I do not miss the presents. I do not miss the hustle and bustle. I do not miss the cacophony or the Christmas music.

What I miss is the tree and the snow because my favorite part of the Christmas season is Christmas morning. Before the presents have been opened, before my family has gotten out of bed, before even the sun has come up, my favorite part of Christmas has always been standing in the quiet, hushed living room with the only source of light being the Christmas tree. There is something so wondrous, so peaceful, so reflective about standing before that beacon of light in a silent, dark, frosted world.

And while I might not have a Christmas tree to gaze upon and reflect this year, I don’t think I’ll need it. You have offered me an entire 25 days of Christmas reflection and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much for participating and reading and…


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