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Discussion Highlights: Love at First Sight

Last Week’s Discussion:
Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is one of the biggest tropes in YA fiction, no doubt because it’s been a big trope in many fiction for hundreds of years. However, I think that fad needs to stop. Why? Well, because it’s garbage and a cop out for writers. However, these are just my thoughts. Let’s see what the discussioners have to say!

Myzania said:

“Not a fan of “love at first sight” stuff. IRL, it’s more of a lust at first sight, or romantic-curiosity-at-first-sight. Love takes a bit more time and getting to know a person.”

Isabelle Lauren said:

” I had never really thought of it that way and I quite like the concept of love at first sight in books. But I agree that it is more lust at first sight rather than love. How can you truly love someone who you have only known for a few days/hours?”

Eve said:

“Yep, lust at first sight is real. A DESIRE for true love is real. Admiration and curiosity at first sight, yep, those are real too. But love is more complex. I totally agree it’s the kind of thing that YA writers need to do a better job of developing in a realistic way.”

Holly said:

” there is no such thing as real love at first sight. […] I also think it can have a lot to do with parents saying “that’s not love” and a teenager’s need to believe the opposite of everything their parent says.”

Morgan said:

“Like you said, love at first sight is really just lust and physical attraction. Though, I will say that meeting my husband was the closest I’ve ever felt to it.”

JR said:

“I think “love at first sight” is created by hindsight. I love my wife, so I HAD to know it from the first moment right? Just a guess.”

Rae said:

“Absolutely not. You don’t fall in love by looking at someone. You can think they’re attractive but physical attraction alone does not equal love.”

Solveig said:

“I believe in it. But then my relationship is one that came from such a situation. I did not believe in it until after it happened and some time passed to realise what was going on🙂”

Kristen said:

“I don’t know about love at first sight being a thing in real life, but I do know that love may not take as much time as we think. To form a strong bond with someone takes a different amount of time for everyone. It may take years for some or as little as a week or two for others. “

Forensic Mom said:

“I certainly don’t believe in love at first sight in real life, but in a book I can see the appeal, although it’s a ‘roll of the eyes’ moment when it happens.”

Well, it would seem that I’m not in the minority when it comes to my opinion about love at first sight. A lot of other discussioners think it’s a bit of a joke, too. Perhaps writers and authors will now take that as a sign that they can’t cop out with love at first sight tropes any more and now need to actually take the time to develop a relationship between there characters. Here’s hoping.

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1 thought on “Discussion Highlights: Love at First Sight”

  1. The stuff about hindsight making it feel like “love at first sight” is interesting. My take on that is that while it wasn’t love at first sight, when it’s the sort of relationship that one is really comfortable in, so much so that, upon looking back, you say, “wow, it doesn’t feel like it’s been x months (etc.) it feels longer/shorter/both” due to the way the people in the relationship feel…. Perhaps that’s the hindsight-love there. (And wow, super long sentence-as-a-paragraph, whoops.)

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