Friday Fandom Fights

Friday Fandom Fights: Round 1

Hi there!
Some of you saw my 500 Followers post regarding nixing all fiction from my blog and starting a new weekly theme, and some of you didn’t. So! Let me explain my brand new weekly theme:ffights

What I do…

Every Friday I’ll be picking two fandoms, two series, two worlds, two books, two characters, two couples, two something and pitting them against each other in a post! And they have to fight to the death! Haha! I’m just kidding. What’s really going to happen is:

What you do…

Pick your favorite of the two! You can vote in the poll at the bottom of each thread, but I really want you guys to dig deep and throw your thoughts in the comments. I want you to act as if this is life or death and if you don’t support your fandom enough, they’ll die… forever! No resurrection allowed!

Got it? Now let’s do this!

Because this is the very first Friday Fandom Fights post, we’re gonna start off with an oldie, but goodie. And I know it’s been done before. I know it’s super cliche to do this, but…

Star Wars vs. Star Trek


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