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Discussion Highlights: New Years Resolutions

Last Week’s Discussion:
New Years Resolutions

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So, I happen to be one of those people who struggles with New Years Resolutions. Either something comes up in the middle of the year (or in Feb) or I forget about the goals I set 12 months ago. That being said, I don’t think New Years Resolutions work, but let’s see what the discussioners have to say?

Rae said:

“I don’t think they’re “bad” but if you don’t actually plan to do it and put in work then it’s pointless. Although, I don’t think the change in year actually helps to be honest. If it’s something that you really want to achieve, you’ll do it as soon as possible instead of waiting.”

JR said:

“I try to make the yearly goal more holistic; be happier and be healthier.”

Myzania said:

“I like ones that are “commitments to try”, so to speak. You know they’re goals and things you’d like to do, but they’re not “have-tos”. I’m going to post something about resolutions in the coming days I think.”

It would seem that while some people agree with me, others have a very loose idea of what New Years Resolutions are and should be. It seems the traditional ‘goal’ style of resolutions isn’t quite as popular as it used to be. Perhaps I’ll have to try this new take. Or perhaps I’ll just make seasonal goals a thing. :p

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