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Discussion Highlights: Dark YA

Last Week’s Discussion:
Dark YA

I’m of the opinion that we need more dark young adult fiction. I think we need more dark ya because I enjoy reading it and because it helps young readers learn more about reality.  But not everyone likes dark fiction. So, let’s see what the discussioners have to say, shall we?

Myzania said:

“I would offer the Hunger Games trilogy and the Divergent series as examples of series doing the things you complain about YA not doing above. I must be reading/hearing about different YA to you I think… I hear about plenty of sad etc. ones.”

Rae said:

“I agree that we need more fiction that mirrors reality but I wouldn’t call it “dark” YA. It’s not fair to call someone else’s experience dark just because we haven’t experienced to the same thing. To them it’s literally just reality.”

JR said:

“I agree, and the uber happy crap often takes me out of the story. My normal reaction to this when reading is to yell ‘Why the heck are you smiling, your friend/lover/parent just died in front of you!!! React for frakks sake!'”

Well, it seems we got a variety of responses. Some agree that we need more, some disagree, and others don’t even believe it’s appropriate to call it dark ya fiction since it’s not dark, but normal for some people. Perhaps this is one discussion that will have to remain up for debate.

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Skin Color Portrayal in YA


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