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Discussion Highlights: Aspiring Writer

Last Week’s Discussion:
Aspiring ‘Writer’

After countless months finding social media profiles stating someone is an aspiring ‘writer’, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Anyone who writes is a writer, are they not? So how is  one an aspiring writer if one already writes? Well, I gave my opinions. Now, let’s see what the discussioners had to say, shall we?

Judith said:

“I write creatively in my own time, I write book reviews and I’ve even written newspaper articles. How much more of a writer could I be? I swiftly removed the ‘aspiring’ from my bio after that 🙂”

Amarie said:

“I agree. It drives me crazy when people label themselves as aspiring writers.”

C. Hofsetz said:

“In fact, you are a published writer since you have a blog, right? If you had published your novel in your blog, agents and publishers would have problem with it because it’s already published. […] On the other hand, my wife gave me a t-shirt for my birthday that says “writer” and I feel like I’m not worthy to wear it yet.”

Ryan said:

“One of my professors in college used to say this to us all the time. “If you’re in my class, then you’re writing, and if you’re writing, then let me be the first to congratulate you on being a writer! You’re already well ahead of many.” When he finally got it through our thick skulls, we pretty much collectively decided it was one of the most encouraging and liberating things we had heard in college.”

Trent said:

“I don’t use the term for much the same reasons you give, but I do give people the benefit of the doubt and feel that they are actually saying, “I’m an aspiring published novelist”. I have a couple of unpublished novels so I could use that last version, but I usually just say, “I’m a writer who’s waiting to be published.””

It would seem the general consensus is that anyone who writes is a writer and should therefore specify what type of writer they are so others do not simply make assumptions. However, even as we are writers, there is still a ball and chain that comes with the word. Many writers do not consider themselves to be writers, most often because we have not reached the goal we set out to attain. Until then, though, what do we call ourselves if we feel unworthy of the title ‘writer?’

Check out this week’s discussion on Thursday at 10am EST:
Love Triangles


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