Welcome to the tube, the YOUtube!

Hi, everyone!

Some of you may have seen my blog post last month about starting a Youtube channel or perhaps you’ve seen the videos I embedded into a few of my Thursday discussion po-

Wait! No? You haven’t? Well, what are you waiting for?!

Hop over to Youtube and check out some of my videos on my channel, Hectic Eclectic! I post a variety of videos: discussions, how-tos, comedic rants, and book reviews. And there’s more to come!

But I still need your help!

A Youtube channel is nothing without viewers, but I don’t just want viewers, I want friends. I want people who come back again and again, people with whom I can chat and laugh, people who love my channel as much as I do. So, I’m asking you all:

“What can I do to improve?”

I want you all to take a few moments to check out some of my videos if you haven’t already and tell me your thoughts. Do you like the videos? Do you hate them? Which ones are your favorites? Is there any thing I can do to improve my videos, to make them more interesting for viewers? What other topics would you like to see videos about? Whatever you have to say, let me know! Because I may make the videos because they’re fun, but I also make them for you!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the tube, the YOUtube!”

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